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Love Test – 10 Signs Of Genuine Love Versus Cupid's Cocktails

What if you meet your dream date and you each feel a strong desire to be together forever?

Before you walk down the aisle or commit to an exclusive relationship, you may want to take this dating chemistry test to find out two things:

Are you under the fleeting spell of Cupid’s Cocktails—my term for the feel-good brain chemicals our body brews up to bond us to a lover?
Or are you behaving in ways that will promote a genuine, lasting love?

10 Signs Of Genuine Love Versus Cupid’s Cocktails

Do you:

* choose to see and bring out the best in each other each day?
* celebrate each others’ successes without jealousy?
* accept each other for who you are now as you encourage mutual growth?
* listen without judgment and stay connected with all of your senses?
* make love at least twice a week to receive the benefits of sexual healing?
* keep no secrets and always tell the truth with kind-hearted honesty?
* take full responsibility to solve your own problems and fulfill your dreams while you do little things to ease each others’ burdens and lift spirits each day?
* keep things fresh as you share lots of laughter and kiss away tears?
* keep your promises and trust you’ll each be there no matter what?
* act with loving kindness and consideration at all times?

How did you score?

If you answered YES to most or all of these questions, then you and your love match are behaving in ways that spark a lasting Fire Of Love in a happy relationship.

What if you answered NO to one or more of these questions?

Fortunately, this is just where you are in your dating relationship at this moment. You and your partner can turn each NO into a YES when you make a mutual commitment to do so.

What if your potential match will not commit to the positive attitudes and actions that promote genuine love?

You also may find that you have little in common to hold you together once the initial spell of Cupid’s Cocktails wears off.

So it is wise to make a choice:

Is it in your best interests to stay in the relationship while the pleasure lasts?

Or is it best to free yourself honorably so you can choose a more compatible love match who will do what it takes to create a happy relationship with you?

Let us know how you develop genuine love in your dating relationship by sharing your story in the comment box.

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Love deeply and live your dreams now,

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