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Episode 50 – Why I Miss My Sole Mate

In my life after divorce, there is one thing I miss most from my marriage, and I hope to share it in a new relationship someday. I’ve paid for this service now and then since my break up, but found it emotionally lacking. I highly recommend that you try a nightly ritual that nurtures health, comfort and intimacy in your marriage or dating relationship.

How we discovered this ritual:
My former husband often traveled on business once or twice a week. On the nights he was at home, we simply settled into a ritual that relaxed us and bonded us emotionally. Usually after dinner, we would slip off our shoes, stretch out on opposite ends of a comfy couch, and share highlights of our day as we massaged each other’s feet. I guess you could say we were Sole Mates for two decades.

The surprise benefits of being Sole Mates.

We began our ritual of tandem foot massages because it was a convenient way to catch up on our news, while giving and receiving pleasure simultaneously. We were hooked on this pleasure for several years before I read about the proven health benefits and official term for this type of foot massage. Foot Reflexology.

It’s using thumb and finger pressure techniques during a foot massage, without using oil or lotions. It is based on a system of zones and reflex areas that reflect an image of the body on the feet (and hands) with a premise that massaging our reflex areas effects a physical change in the body.

How does reflexology work?

It provides exercise of pressure sensors on the feet (and hands) that are inextricably tied to internal organs. By maneuvering your partner’s big toes, you are connecting to their brain. By pressing their arch, you are massaging their adrenals. By rubbing the middle bridge on the bottom of their feet, you are energizing their lungs and heart.

Who first discovered this medical system?

There is archeological evidence that reflexology was used in China and Egypt circa 2733 BCE. Reflexology began to emerge in the West in the 19th century, based on research into the nervous system and reflexes, according to the brochure given to me by my reflexologist.

No one knows for sure if there were a cross-fertilization of this system between ancient and modern world. It may be an example of a universal bridging concept at work, as couples in ancient and modern times discovered the pleasures and health benefits of touch.

We all touch the people we love, or at least it’s a healthy habit to create. Through touch, you can be linked deeply with your partner. Not just symbolically, but for real. You can touch someone’s brain and heart by massaging their big toe and the bridge of their feet. Imagine how you can nurture intimacy in your relationship when you also share your daily news or innermost dreams during a tandem foot massage with your mate or date.

If you’re in a relationship, why not try a tandem foot massage tonight. If you’re single and seeking your best match, I invite you to claim a free month’s membership in the elite dating site and travel club I started for positive singles. Meet singles FREE when you click SINGLES CLUB in the menu bar and sign up.

Love deeply and live your dreams now!

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