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Love Test – 16 Signs That You're Ready For A Committed Relationship

Getting ready for a loving relationship is like preparing for the greatest adventure of your life. Some of your preparation is private work that you do to break through your blocks to love. Some preparation you do once you have met your romantic partner. All preparation helps you develop a resilient optimism, a belief in true love, the ability to know and love each other deeply and have fun together in a happy relationship.

How are you coming on your preparations for a serious relationship? Take this 2-part Love Test and find out.

Part 1. Did you do the private work to prepare yourself for a loving relationship?

Did you:

* take an inventory of bad habits and replace them with better ones that strengthen your strengths, talents, and positive qualities?
* learn love lessons from what went wrong in a past relationship so you don’t repeat that pattern in a new relationship?
* improve your appearance, attitudes and actions so you feel a healthy self love that is a love magnet?
* clear out souvenirs and emotional ties to past loves so you can break up with your past and fall in love with your present?
* resolve emotional, physical and financial issues so that you take full responsibility for your total fitness and happiness?
* make room in your home and time in your life for a loving partner to join you?
* move out of your comfort zone to meet your best match by introductions from friends, matchmakers and the best singles sites?
* choose a different relationship than past ones that failed so you don’t repeat poor choices?

Part 2: Are you and your new romantic partner doing the couples work that is a foundation for a happy relationship?

Do you:

* find ways to have fun together and keep things fresh in daily life and intimate life with your partner?
* maintain a positive outlook and resilient spirit that helps you find win-win solutions to each challenge?
* accept each others’ family and friends?
* trust each other completely, keeping no secrets between you and telling the truth with kind-hearted honesty?
* agree on plans to have children or not?
* agree on ways to manage finances, budgets, savings, investments, bill payments?
* decide how to divide home care and family care responsibilities?
* feel mutual respect and support in fulfilling your dreams and life purpose as individuals and as a couple?

How did you score?

Happy singles and happy couples will do the preparation that allows them to answer YES to most or all of these questions–before you enter a committed relationship.

What if you answered NO to some of these questions?

This tells you where you are right now on the path that leads to a happy relationship with yourself and a romantic partner. Each negative answer reveals the next step you can take to turn it into a positive by clearing your blocks to love and being free to love and be loved for a lifetime.

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Dedicated to our dating and relationship happiness,

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