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Love Test — Are Great Lovers Born Or Made?

I believe that when it comes right down to it, we are natural born lovers who mate to procreate. Yet you aren’t stuck with your natural aptitude. You can be the best lover your mate has ever had when you develop that talent.

The best place to begin is between your ears. Your greatest sex organ is your brain. Great lovers make love with your mind, your heart and soul as foreplay, before you head to the bedroom with your partner. You’re about to discover how to make love with every fiber of your being and be a great lover now.

What you don’t need to be a great lover:

Sex toys, sexy lingerie, sex manuals, gymnastic moves, great body, great champagne, great bank account and street address. It’s not about external trappings or seductive moves. If you’re looking for new positions to spice up your lovemaking, check out The Kamasutra. Even that won’t elevate you to greatness in bed.

What do need to be a great lover?

A deep connection with your partner in body, mind and spirit. You gain this by developing the love skills described in this Love Test. Do you:

Love and enjoy your own body, trusting that you’re perfect as you are right now?
Listen and speak from your heart with kindhearted honesty, letting yourself know and be known by your lover?
Find out what pleases yourself and your lover the most and do those things often?
Spend time together so you feel like a top priority and give each other your best energy and enthusiasm?
Be fully present in all of your senses, truly seeing, feeling, hearing, tasting, enjoying the scent and tuning into your intuition and your partner’s?
Stay fit emotionally and physically by forgiving, keeping your promises and making healthy choices?
Share surprises to keep things fun and fresh?
Find out what makes you and your partner feel loved and appreciated so you can speak each others love language?
Accept full responsibility for your own happiness so you’re free to love deeply without being an emotional burden?
See your lover as your greatest teacher who gifts you with love lessons and personal growth?

How did you score on this Love Test?

Notice all the love skills you already have in your lovers tool kit that make you a great lover. Be proud to use these love skills to create a great relationship with yourself and your partner.

Notice all the love skills you still can develop as you become a greater lover every day in every way.

Love deeply and live your dreams now,

Hadley Finch

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