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Couples and Singles Break Through Dater's Block Now

I don’t believe in Dater’s Block.

Some couples think they don’t have to date after they settle down with a mate. This is your wake-up call.

For some singles, dater’s block is an excuse for not going out there and meeting someone who might be your best match or a new best friend. It’s choosing to be alone because you don’t want to go on a boring date or risk breaking your heart again. It’s being lazy or holding onto unrealistic expectations that block the fun of dating and finding love.

These limiting attitudes and actions will keep you single or stuck in a lifeless relationship. With a simple shift, you can break through dater’s block now.

Here’s an example of a widower with dater’s block. At a baseball game, I met a man who’d lost his wife six years earlier. He told me he doesn’t date. He wants to cook dinner for a woman and offer her a little romance for dessert. That’s how he showed his love to his late wife. Now he doesn’t want to waste his time and money on women who’d expect more from him.

It seems like this man wants to settle into a new relationship with the cozy patterns of the one he’d lost, without wooing and winning the heart of a new partner. What are his chances of attracting a partner for a successful relationship?

I often advise people to think of dating and relationships as a business. First you recruit your best partner. Since you each could be with someone else, you want to give each other reasons to stay with you and love you more each day. Think of this as re-recruiting your partner to be dedicated to you and your team every day. One way to accomplish this is by dating.

If you’re not dating your mate, there’s usually someone in the wings who’d love to do so. That could be why we have a 50 percent divorce rate for first marriages and why up to 80 percent of third and forth marriages fail.

Dating is the antidote to divorce.

Dating is how you keep your relationship fresh and make your mate feel special and appreciated, so you each feel as if you are a top priority and ultimate source of joy, love and fun. Dating a life-long process that sparks a lasting fire of love.

Single men and women can develop these feelings, values and patterns of happy couples while dating someone new. Dating is different from meeting. You may bump into your best match in a doorway, on a bus, at the movies or on a singles site. That’s meeting a match, and it opens the doorway of possibilities. Dating takes you through the doorway into the realities of relationship.

How do you break through dater’s block?

Choose to start dating now. Couples can start dating your mate again by planning at least one special night for the two of you each week. Keep it fun and free of conversations about duties and deadlines.

Singles can start proposing or accepting dates each week to create a positive new dating habit. You can’t be bored on a date unless you’re boring. So I suggest you find something fun to talk about or do each time you meet someone new. Even if they aren’t the one, you’ve still had fun and you’re one step closer to meeting the special match whom you can date for a lifetime.

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Love deeply and live your dreams now,

Hadley Finch

I’ve found the quickest cure is to decide: there’s no such thing as writer’s block… and just start writing.

Write anything. Start with the easy stuff.

Write the contact information that’s going to go on your sales letter or website.

Write the copyright information.

Write filler text such as “Insert Brilliant Headline Goes Here”.

Write the details of what you’re offering. I’m talking about the simple stuff you don’t have to think in order to write.

What’s the price? What’s the address of your company? Where do customers send the checks?

Just start writing.

Once you’ve loosened up a bit, start writing some bullet points. Write as many bullets as you possibly can, remembering to keep each of them focused on benefits of the product (not just features of the product).

You can just write pages of bullets and eventually you’ll get into the flow of writing.

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