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Love Test – Do You Know The Best Way To Heal A Toxic Relationship?

Do you feel the stress of negativity when you’re in the presence of your romantic partner? Has this negative energy harmed the romance and affection in your relationship? Have you stopped sending thoughts of love and showing acts of kindness toward your partner? Do you sense your life would be happier and healthier without your partner?

If you answered Yes to one or more of the questions in this Love Test, it’s a symptom of a toxic relationship.

How do you heal it?

The same way you heal your body from an injury or disease. Given the right nutrients and support, your body is designed to repair, rebuild and revive optimal health.

Your relationships also need optimal support to repair the damage caused by toxic thoughts and actions, to rebuild a healthy connection with your intimate partner and to revive the love and positive interactions.

What kind of support do you need for relationship repair?

Avoid negativity, which is the energetic pattern of stress and disease in your body and your relationships.

Nurture feelings of love and gratitude, which are the energetic patterns that support the best health of your body and relationships.

Positive thought energy is a higher vibration than negativity, and the highest vibration always wins. This is why positive feelings, thoughts and actions are the antidote to negativity.

Why do you need this antidote?

If you remain stuck in anger, fear, jealousy or any form of negativity, you remain stuck in a toxic pattern of stress and dysfunction.

It is wise to get unstuck before this negativity triggers a downward spiral in your physical and relationship health.

How do you get unstuck?

Here is the best way to heal a toxic relationship with your partner–

Heal your relationship with yourself first.

You choose your thoughts and actions. So it is up to you to make better choices that will transform the destructive stress of negativity into positive thoughts and actions.

How do you make happier, healthier choices?

Replace your dark old habit with bright new one. This takes a conscious, consistent use of one new tool to improve your relationship with yourself:

Give yourself a time out for negative thoughts and actions, as you develop a new habit of self discipline.

Your thoughts and actions create energetic waves, much like tossing a stone into a stream and causing ripples far beyond it’s landing place.

What kind of energetic waves are you creating with each thought and action?

Notice when you send out an energetic punch or poison arrow to your partner.
Then take a moment to replace this negativity with a positive thought or action.
When you repeat this new pattern every day for a month, it becomes a new habit.
So be conscious of and consistent in sending out your best to improve your relationship.

Pay attention to your silent self talk.
If you talk to yourself in hurtful or demeaning ways, take a time out for reflection.
Would you say those things to your best friend?
If not, it’s time to stop your negative self talk so you can be your own best friend.

What if you’re partner sends you negative energy in the form of nasty emails, phone calls, derogatory words, glances or actions?

No need to engage. You only escalate negativity by sending it back.

A better choice is to apply the antidote.
Find a way to turn the negativity into something positive.
Send back a kind thought or action, which is a higher frequency than the negative attack. And the highest vibration wins.

Once you use these tools to heal your relationship with yourself, you radiate the power to transform your intimate relationship.

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Love deeply and live your dreams now,

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