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Love Test For Compatibility – How Do You Avoid The Top Reason For Divorce?

America’s 50% divorce rate for first marriages climbs much higher for second and third marriages. Can you avoid divorce court if you avoid the top 3 reasons for divorce? That depends if you’re already in a troubled relationship or if you’re single and seeking your best match.

Once you learn the top causes of divorce, you know the issues to resolve if you want to save an existing relationship. You know the issues to avoid when you choose a compatible match for a happy relationship.

What is the top reason for divorce?

Let’s examine the 3 top contenders.

1. Experts often say that money conflicts are the number one cause of divorce. Not everyone agrees.

Olivia Mellan is a Washington, D.C. therapist and author who helps couples with money woes. She told MSN.money that many couples fight about money rather than address deeper problems that money represents, including dependency, control, freedom, security, pleasure, self-worth.

2. Some experts say that sexual infidelity is the most common reason for divorce.

The French say, “You can fix a broken vase, but it won’t hold water.” Many couples have proved them wrong by rebuilding trust and love after one or both partners had an affair. This only works when both partners renew their commitment to their intimate partner and to improving their relationship.

3. Another top reason for divorce is abuse in any form, including drugs, verbal, physical, sexual, and even indifference.

All forms of abuse shut the door on a healthy, loving connection while you ignore the well being of your partner and their needs.

Is there a common element in the top 3 reasons for divorce?

It’s incompatibility–in money, sex, communication, emotional health, core values, child rearing, goals, beliefs, life experience, and skills in facing problems and finding solutions.

Incompatibility can lead to irreconcilable differences unless both partners work to avoid the top reason for divorce.

What is the Love Test for compatibility?

If you’re single and seeking your best match, be aware of your core beliefs and values you hold dear. And then seek a love match who shares all or most of your core values.

Connecting on one level, like great sex, is only one value that may be important to you but it can’t hold you in a relationship if your other values conflict.

Choosing a compatible match is the ultimate goal of dating, assuming you are dating to choose your best match for a happy relationship with lasting love.

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