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Love Test For Dating Singles – Do You Use The Best Side Of Your Brain To Choose Your Dates?

Your choice of your best love match may be determined by the side of your brain you use to choose dates. Discover the difference between left or right brain dating. And find out the smartest brain-style of dating that guides you to your best match.

What’s the difference between right and left brain dating?

Medical researchers who study the brain and behavior report that most of us tend to use one side of our brain more than the other.

Left-brained people tend to be logical, analytical, great at math.

Left-brained daters often set dating goals to accomplish quickly because you lead very busy lives and don’t have time to waste with a date who isn’t helping you achieve your goals.

Left brainers often create a hurried, action-packed lifestyle and value financial success, athletic talent and physical attraction. You value and live up to many external standards that society sets for us.

Your best match will admire and support your success, and work to achieve similar success in their chosen path.

Right-brained people tend to be creative, intuitive, great in the arts and education.

Right-brained daters tend to honor your emotional and spiritual needs. Your choices often are guided by internal values, such as kindness, caring, generosity, love.

Right brainers like to slow down and enjoy the now, while remaining fully aware of and expressing your feelings and intuition.

Your best match will value sharing feelings, loving listening, and spending quiet time together walking in nature, listening to music, soaking in a tub or simply doing nothing and feeling content being together.

Could a left-brained dater and a right-brained dater ever create a happy relationship together, or are they mis-matched?

If a left-brained dater’s top priority is the bottom line and constant busyness, how will they create a happy intimate relationship with anyone?

If a right-brained dater would rather fantasize about the wonders of their dream date and reject anyone who doesn’t fit their fantasy, how will they create a happy relationship with anyone?

Fortunately, we all can learn how to develop the power in the other side of our brain so you feel whole in your life and in love.

Left brainers may not know or trust your feelings and intuition, but you can set a new goal of discovering and developing these qualities as you schedule daily quiet time for reflection and self growth.

Left brainers can learn to hear the whisper of your inner voice of intuition and let it guide you to make soulful connections with yourself and your potential matches.

You can learn to see beyond the external package and career resume to choose a match who values and nurtures a soulful relationship.

You can develop qualities needed to create healthy relationships with lasting love.

Right brainers can stop fantasizing about your dream date and start searching for an intimate partner who values and supports your talents and well being.

Here’s your love test:

Which side of your brain have you used to choose your dates in the past?
Are you fulfilled in the dating relationships you’ve chosen, or is something lacking?

Would you like to experience the whole person you’re dating and create a healthy, supportive relationship?

If so, your smartest choice is to develop the logical and intuitive powers in your brain and choose an intimate partner who shares your whole-brained enjoyment of life and love.

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Love deeply and live your dreams now,

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