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Guide To Healthy Relationships – Do You Know 5 Kinds Of Tribes We Form?

All people form tribes. Each tribe has a different culture and outlook on life. Discover the 5 types of tribes that we form and the ways your tribe can limit you or help you regain your natural state of joy.

What are the 5 tribes we form?

During a taped speech before TED (a group that presents ideas worth sharing), a USC Business School Professor named Dr. David Logan explained the 5 tribes we form–based on our outlook on life. Here is my summary:

Stage 1 Tribes share the “Life Sucks” mentality of gangs and prison inmates.

They are united in despair, hostility and limiting beliefs. Dr. Logan says 3% of tribes are Stage 1.

Stage 2 Tribes share the “My Life Sucks” outlook you see in unhappy crowds at the DMV.

They resemble a crowd of “dummies” but they can be smart individuals. 25% of tribes are Stage 2.

Stage 3 Tribes share the “I’m great and you’re not” view of narcissists.

I’ll compete against you and win is their one-up-manship mentality. 48% of tribes are Stage 3.

Stage 4 Tribes believe “It’s good to be a little weird”.

They value creativity and causes larger than their individual existence. 22% of tribes are Stage 4.

Stage 5 Tribes know that “Life is Great” and they use this outlook to change the world.

They may attract thousands to join a noble cause. They connect with members of all the other tribes so they can unite them around these values. 2% of tribes are Stage 5.

Dr. Logan states that tribes can only nudge forward by one stage or level of awareness at a time.

I disagree. Medical research is proving the natural resilience of our brain. We’ve read or witnessed the power of the human spirit to triumph over adversity and every form of negativity.

If Stage 1 and 2 Tribes can only nudge toward the “I’m great and you’re not” narcissistic view common in Stage 3 Tribes, is that progress?

I often tell my online community that each of us can flip our thought switch from darkness to light.
We may need a guide to show us our thought switch and how to use it.
We may need a nudge of biofeedback or other energetic healing modalities to break negative, limiting thought patterns and behavior.
We may need these new tools and choices to help us experience our natural state of joy.

We’re all born with the “Life Is Great” spirit. The secret is to keep it alive–or to revive it with a little nudge from the tribe with the resilient optimism that is contagious because it is a return to our natural state.

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