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Love Test For Women Who Date – Are You Too Nice To Excite A Man?

Do men often see you as a friend instead of a serious girlfriend? Ever wonder if you’re too nice to hold a man’s passionate interest?

Find out if you have the right qualities to sustain excitement in a relationship when you take this Dating Chemistry. And get 7 tips to shift your outlook and actions and spark romantic excitement that lasts.

Dating Chemistry Test For Women

1 A. Are you willing to sacrifice your needs for a man’s needs?
B. Or are you a woman who makes your needs and well being a top priority?

2 A. Do you try to be sexy in your choice of dating clothes and conversation?
B. Or is your sexual energy a natural part of your life force so you don’t need to think about it?

3 A. Do you frequently have to ask dates to treat you with respect and affection?
B. Or do you naturally receive respect and affection from dates because that’s how you feel about yourself?

4 A. Do you constantly offer advice, repeat requests and feel ignored and drained?
B. Or do you feel energized by an equal give and take in interactions that keep a relationship exciting?

5 A. Do you cancel your original plans if a great guy calls you for a last-minute date?
B. Or do you honor engagements and gradually make room in your full life for a new relationship?

6 A. Do you crave praise and seek instant chemistry and commitment?
B. Or are you happy with yourself and your life, with or without a man in it?

7 A. Are you the one who does most of the chasing and calling in a dating relationship?
B. Or are you being pursued by potential matches and being selective in choosing your best match?

How did you score?

If you answered YES to one or more of the “A” questions, then you may be too eager to please your dates. That’s not attractive. You may be viewed as too nice or too needy. Too maternal or totally a friend.

You may spend time with men who don’t see the wonders of you, because you don’t see your own best qualities–including your natural sex appeal–that deserve appreciation and respect.

What’s the antidote to being too nice or needy?

It’s definitely not being mean or aloof in the ways you relate with men.

It’s setting healthy boundaries and creating a happy, exciting relationship with yourself first. Then you’ll naturally attract a like-minded match.

How do you create a happy, exciting relationship with yourself?

Look at each “B” question and see it as your action guide to turn each NO into a YES.
Make shifts in your attitudes and actions until you can answer an honest YES to all 7 “B” Questions.

This is how you bring out the best in yourself and treat yourself as well as you treat your best match. And this happy equality sparks excitement that lasts in a romantic relationship.

Will you develop the 7 “B” qualities to be even more awesome than you already are? If so, list these qualities in your journal. And note your progress each time you express your strengths and radiate love, confidence and passion for life.

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Love deeply and live your dreams now,

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