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Dating Q & A – When Is A Player Free To Meet Your Best Match?

Dating Question:

In 5 years of being single since my divorce, I’ve enjoyed a string of romances. My latest encounter just got racheted up a level, yet it’s still early. I’m used to great startups and bad breakups, but I may want to break that cycle. Not because of the woman I’m dating.

I just met a woman on a dating site, and I can’t get her off of my mind. We’ve written and talked on the phone. We each have creative careers and common experience in raising our children as a single parent. We like each other and want to meet in person.

When I offered to fly to meet her, I made the mistake of telling her I was seeing someone else.

Now she won’t meet me until I’m single and available. Isn’t that unrealistic and overly demanding? I’d normally disconnect, but she just might be my best match. She’ll get snapped up fast. Got any dating advice for me?

Conflicted in Connecticut

Dating Answer:

You are conflicted because you’re intrigued by two women at once. But you’re already involved with one. And you may have met the one you don’t want to lose.

Is it unrealistic to request that you are single and emotionally available before you meet a potential match?

Absolutely not. Distracted focus destroys possibilities in any relationship. So does conflicted dating goals.

If you’re dating to meet your best match, you won’t waste your time meeting singles who enjoy a string of “encounters.” You sort through these “Players” and meet singles who share your dating goals.

If you want to meet this new woman, are you willing to free yourself from your current “encounter”?

If you’re not ready or willing to do this, then you aren’t free to meet your best match.

How would you feel if you missed your chance to meet?
Trust your feelings and choose wisely.

Let me know what you decide.

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