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Love Test – How Do You Change Needy Dating Behavior?

Have you ever stayed in a disappointing dating relationship too long?
Are you rarely seen without a date?
Do you expect your dates to fill a lonely void in you?
Do you ever bombard a new date with gifts, invitations or frequent phone calls?
Do you reveal too much too fast, rush into sex, or fall in love without getting to know the person you’re dating?

If you answered YES to any question in this Love Test, you may be perceived as a needy date. And that’s a turn off to most savvy singles who are seeking their best love match.

Would you like to change your needy dating behavior? Here are three better choices to make now:

Take 3 Steps To Create Your Attraction Action Plan:

1. Go dateless

A needy dater can be addicted to the rush of dating to avoid facing a dysfunction or feeling a lonely inner void. That’s not a defect, it’s simply where you are at this moment. Accept your neediness and be kind to yourself as you would a needy child.

When you choose to stop dating, you may start feeling old issues that stop you from enjoying time with yourself. See these feelings as clouds in the sky, and then choose to let them float by.
In solitary reflection, you can forgive others or yourself to let go of your old baggage, and you will feel lighthearted again.
The goal is to break up with your past and fall in love with your present.

Need help?

A life coach, experts in biofeedback or hypnosis practitioners may help you break through your blocks to love faster than you could without help. While you’re on this solitary path of personal growth, you may enjoy the next step:

2. Start dating the one you love most

Ideally, that’s you! Take yourself out on special dates each week, doing things you love or things you’ve always wanted to do.
Treat yourself to fun dates and stop expecting others to make you feel happy, desirable and fulfilled. That’s your job, so have some fun with it.

Need help?

While you are becoming the man or woman you want to be, it is essential to devote at least a coffee break each day doing something that relaxes you.
Spend time in nature, soak up beauty, breathe deeply, play your instrument, read for pleasure, walk your dog, wake up
in time for sun rise and see the dawn of possibilities in each new day. This new outlook and action plan naturally leads you into the next step.

3. Redefine and realize your dreams

During your dating sabbatical you took solitary time for reflection to rediscover and revive your dreams. Have your dating dreams changed?

As you let go of needy behavior that drains energy from others, do you see how you be an energy enhancer for yourself and others?

As you make choices to support your well being, will you choose a dating relationship in which you bring out the best in each other?

Will you start each day with a plan to take another step to realize your dreams?

Now you are ready to attract your best love match.

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Dedicated to your dating and relationship happiness,

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