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Love Test – Is America Or France The Land Of Passionate Lovers?

Recent surveys about sex and love are busting stereotypes that the French love romance while Americans love finance. After a recent French survey found that 71% of French citizens ages 50 to 64 were “currently in love”, a US organization wondered how America’s love life compared.

In late 2009, the American Association For Retired People gave a love test to a nationally representative group of 2000 Americans between ages of 18 and 65 plus. Their findings revealed that we are the “United States Of Amour.”

The association’s magazine reported that Americans matched or surpassed the French on this Love Test, with 70% of Americans over 50 “currently in love”, and 55% of this age group claimed to be “very much” or “passionately” in love, compared with 49% of the French.

And Americans over 65 are more romantic than the French, with 63% of senior Americans claiming to be “in love”, compared with only 43% of the French.

What is the biggest difference in the love lives of the French and Americans?

It’s our view of sex. America’s sex survey found a vastly different response to the Love Test statement, “True love can exist without a radiant sex life.”

Seventy seven percent of Americans agreed, while only 35% of French agreed. And 56% of the French in the same age range (50 to 64) said, “Absolutely not.”

How do younger lovers from each country value sex and love?

The 18 to 24 year-olds surveyed in the US were less likely to be in love or feel sex was an important part of a relationship than the over-50 group of lovers in the US.

The younger French were found to be more sexually driven than their 50 to 64 year old counterparts.

How do we value commitment in each country?

Eighty percent of Americans over 50 said it’s “not at all likely” they’d leave their mate, while only 67% of the French expressed this commitment to their partner.

How do we compare in our belief in one great love?

About 80% of the French and Americans over 50 believed that they had encountered the great love of their lifetime. This does not suggest that you only get one chance at profound love. Thirty percent of the French and 18 % of Americans over 50 said they’d encountered a great love “several times.”

How do these Love Tests affect your love life at every age?

Researchers who study how our sexual habits affect brain activity have reported that we experience the same needs and health benefits of being sexually active and in love throughout our whole lifetime. If you think our senior citizens aren’t enjoying sex and profound feelings of love, this survey makes you think again.

I often tell my online community that making love and a loving home life is the fountain of youth. It seems as if passionate lovers in America and France would agree.

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