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Love Test – Is Commitment More About Duty Or Love in a Relationship?

Sir Richard Branson committed $3 billion of his airline profits to discover how to create clean fuel.

Abraham Lincoln said that your own commitment to success is more important than any one thing.

It’s been said that a successful marriage requires a commitment to fall in love many times, always with the same person.

Is a failure to commit the reason why over half of modern marriages fail?

If we want to reduce our marriage fatality rate, I suggest that we adopt a new view of commitment–how to make and honor it as a sure-fire way to keep love alive with your partner.

What’s wrong with our current view of commitment in relationships?

Couples tend to commit based on a feelings of romantic love. Commitments are made at the start of a relationship when intense romantic feelings often are confused with love.

Commitments are tested when the rush of romantic feelings wears off, usually within the first three years of a relationship. This is a turning point when you begin to be annoyed by your partners quirks or flaws, and you wonder why you chose each other as partners. You might feel bound by duty to honor your commitment to your partner and your relationship instead of by passionate feelings of love.

What helps couples get through this turning point?

The secret is to see commitment with new eyes. It can arise from duty and love. It can flow naturally between steely acts of will and romantic feelings of love.

It is easy to honor your commitment when you feel passionately in love with your partner and your desires merge with theirs like glorious threads in love’s tapestry. These threads may unravel in your mind as relationship flaws become more visible in time.

What’s the best way to deal with relationship flaws?

These flaws lose power when you see love as an action word, instead of just a feeling, and you commit to something greater than the two of you. Committing to a greater cause gives you a greater purpose as a team and helps you rise above petty annoyances between partners.

How do you commit to greater causes?

If your cause is creating a loving, happy, fun family life for a lifetime, this helps you resist distractions that steal power from your relationship goals because you remain focused on doing whatever it takes to accomplish your positive goals for a happy relationship.

If your cause is uniting your talents to make the community or the world a better place, this is your dominant vibration as a couple.

Committing to your cause makes you stronger as a couple than your individual flaws, than your moments of weakness, boredom or restless focus, all of which tend to cause breakups in uncommitted couples. Your commitment in action will spark feelings of love that lasts.

Questions for couples:

Is your commitment to your partner more about duty or love?
Do you see how both are essential in a happy relationship?
Are you willing to renew your commitment or commit to a new cause that strengthens your relationship and sparks a lasting fire of love with your partner?

Questions for singles:

Will you share your new views of commitment before you enter a serious relationship?
Will you choose a love match who shares your views of the commitment required for a happy relationship?

If you have a question about how to renew or strengthen your commitment to your partner, your relationship and to your own well being, please enter it in the comment box now.

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Love deeply and live your dreams now,

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