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Love Test – Should Sandra Bullock Divorce Her Cheating Husband?

Is Jesse James marriage material? He allegedly told a mistress that his marriage to America’s Sweetheart, actress Sandra Bullock, was a sham. His actions are aligned with his beliefs.

According to entertainment news reports, a dozen women have claimed they had an affair with Jesse James since he married Bullock 5 years ago. He told some women he was single; he told others that his marriage was “a crock”.

The National Enquirer reported that some of Jesse’s former employees have come forth to claim that he forced them to have sex with him. If these allegations are true, then Jesse is a deeply disturbed man.

Who did Sandra think she was marrying?

Jesse James’ jailed ex wife, porn star Janine Lindemulder told In Touch magazine, “He’s a chronic cheater. I feel sorry for Sandra because she was so in love with Jesse that she was blind and gullible.”

Jailed Lindemulder also told In Touch that she had “phone sex” with James while he was married to Sandra Bullock, who looks after Lindemulder’s daughter while the porn star is in prison for tax evasion. Lindemulder told Life & Style magazine that “It’s hard to say no to the guy.”

How can you uncover the true character of an irresistible match when you’re blinded by great chemistry?

If Sandra had done a quick background check with Jesse’s ex wife, she might have realized he’s not well qualified for a traditional marriage. This scenario offers incentive to check with an ex and study their divorce pleadings as part of the vetting process of a potential mate.

Is there any reason for Sandra Bullock to stay married to a cheating husband?

Consider a deeper reason for their union. What if Sandra were drawn to Jesse on a subconscious level because she needed to experience the pain of betrayal and abandonment to work through these unhealed issues in her childhood or past relationships?

Embracing this viewpoint, Sandra unwittingly may have chosen Jesse James, the expert betrayer, to be her greatest teacher. If she learns the love lessons he presented, she won’t have to repeat them. Then Jesse becomes her healing angel, and she may help him kick a destructive habit in the process.

What about the future prospects for their marriage?

It will require great courage and consistent action for Jesse James to break his alleged betrayal habit. Can he develop these traits during 45 days of rehab? Should Sandra give Jesse another chance to prove himself? Or should she learn the love lessons from his betrayals and divorce her cheating husband?

It’s my view that Sandra needs to sustain a healthy relationship with herself, first and foremost. Honoring herself means letting go of any relationship that doesn’t support her well-being.

Whether she chooses to let Jesse go or work together to repair and reinvent their marriage, this can be done with unconditional love, forgiveness and respect for what each partner needs to feel whole, healthy and happy.

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