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Love Test – What Are 13 Pathways To Intimate Bliss?

This isn’t a Love Test about the usual tips like creative sex, sexy clothes or carved six packs as a secret of hot intimacy. It’s about experiencing the bliss that comes from loving deeply, passionately and truly in a soulful relationship on the path with heart.

How do you get on that path?

Whether you are in a relationship or seeking one, you can pursue some or all of these pathways to intimate bliss–which help you fulfill the true purpose of your intimate relationship.

13 Pathways To Intimate Bliss

1. Create a happy home life for our family, whether it’s two of us or children, too
2. Wake up and get to know myself and my lover thoroughly, without judgment
3. Increase my ability to love and be loved unconditionally, flaws and all
4. Give and receive pleasure freely, placing my lover’s needs ahead of or equal with my own
5. Build a foundation of fun that will hold us together in tough times
6. Express things we love about each other every day as a way to bring out the best in each other
7. Face our fears and accept them as friends, instead of running or denying them
8. Stay in touch with our inner radiance, our well spring of compassion, kindness, serenity, amusement, joy
9. Give up trying to control my beloved and choose to cherish them with all of my senses, thoughts and actions
10. Be enthusiastic sexual partners throughout our adventure in loving
11. Free each other to be fully human without keeping secrets nor hiding behind masks
12. Seek and share the truth with kind-hearted honesty
13. Learn the love lessons in pain and quickly return to pleasure of living fully and loving wholeheartedly in each moment

If you are in an intimate relationship, how many of these pathways will you and your partner choose to pursue together?

The more pathways, the more bliss you experience in the relationship you have with yourself and your intimate partner.

If you are single and dating, you can pursue these pathways to attract a soulful love match and create a happy relationship.
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Love deeply and live your dreams now,

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