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Love Test – What Are The Best Questions To Ask When Faced With A Challenge?

Nobody escapes challenges in life and love. Some of us are better at handling them because we ask the best questions that lead us to the best answers and solutions.

Alternately, when some of us encounter a challenge, we ask the wrong questions. We ask questions that diminish our ability to overcome tough challenge we face. See if you can identify the best questions to ask whenever a challenge arises, as you examine two sets of questions on this love test.

Set A:

* Why didn’t I see this coming?
* Who is to blame?
* Why does this always happen to me?

Set B:

1. What’s good about this?
2. What valuable love lesson or life lesson can we learn from this?
3. How can I create opportunities from this challenge?

Which set of test questions lead to the best answers and solutions — Set A or Set B?

More than likely the three questions in Set A are not going to help us access our best personal insights, talents and resources for dealing with the challenge we’re facing. The three questions is Set B will. Do you see the difference?

Which set of questions will you ask yourself each time a new challenge presents itself?

Love deeply and live your dreams now,

Hadley Finch

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