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Love Toolkit – Surprising Formula Keeps Passion Alive

A member of TribeOfSingles Meetup Group, Eden Adele, is an intimate communication expert, who told me about her simple formula that couples may use to keep passion alive long term. This formula is backed by science and fun to use. I suggest you add it to your love toolkit that builds passionate intimacy and romantic fun with your partner.

Enjoy this Guest Post by Eden Adele–

As a intimate communication trainer, I often get asked about how to keep the romance alive and intimacy going in long-term relationships.

What couple wants to end up part of the dismal statistic pile of relationships breaking up after 20 years?
What couple wants to feel like you’re ENDURING your relationship?
How do couples avoid that fate and keep passion and fun alive for a lifetime?

My approach is very simple – at least 2 hugs per day, 3 orgasms per week, and 4 nude kisses (of at least 15 CONSECUTIVE seconds) per month!!

BAM!! There it is. Simple. Doable. Highly effective. Science backs up it’s effectiveness.

Why do long-term couples need to use this formula?

Once men and women reach 40 or 50, they often stop PRIORITIZING passion, intimacy and connection with their partners. THIS approach is a very simple way to practically reverse the disturbing new trend in society of
long-term relationships “suddenly” going rogue.

Nobody is trying to be the NEXT Arnold and Maria or Al and Tipper Gore, or so many other couples who give up on going the distance together.

POTUS and FLOTUS are the new sexy — referring to the President of the United States and the First Lady, who seem to delight in each others’ company and keep love alive despite daunting daily responsibilities.

People want this, they’re going for it, and they’re asking about it. All I did was come up with a doable approach to make it happen for you. When?

As soon as you start using this formula to keep passion alive.


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Get the red-hot relationship you deserve,

Hadley Finch

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