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Love Advice – How To Feel Loved and Happy For The Holidays

No holiday blues for you. Find out how to be happy, revive romance and even find love for the Holidays as Hadley Finch is interviewed by South Dakota AM Radio Host, David Leonard, for Alive at Five. Click this link to listen to great love tips DavidLeonard-HF_happy for holidays

You’ll discover:
How Hadley was slammed to her knees, when her marriage ended tragically
How she rose after a fall, and you will, too
How you avoid being blindsided by a breakup
What love power tools get couples unstuck and revive romance, passion, love
Which power tools manage anger and build a happier life
How you inspire positive new behaviors in your partner
Why you need to choose your battles and resolve conflicts with best solutions
How many positive interactions you need to make up for one negative interaction
How to avoid digging into a relationship hole that you can’t climb out of
How to get your relationship on the happiness track
Which love habits happy couples use to feel lasting love
How to handle any curve that life throws you
How to rekindle romance you felt when you first met your partner
Why you need to re-date your mate if you want love to last
Why brain’s love chemistry changes in a long relationship and it’s a good thing
What steps you take to heal the loss of a relationship, job, dreams, opportunities
Why happy people choose one life view that unhappy people don’t
Which attitudes help you stop being a victim and start creating a great new life
Why there are big risks in diving into a new marriage too soon after a breakup
Why you attract what you are, not what you want.
How to deal with painful emotions that arise during holidays
How to find a path out of pain, no matter what life throws you
What you need to overcome challenges and experience great love every day of the year.

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Get all the love and happiness you deserve,

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