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March Against Monsanto To Protect Our Food Supply From Toxic GMOs

Smart European Countries have outlawed toxic Genetically Modified Seeds from Monsanto after medical studies linked them to serious illness, miscarriage and infertility.

Smart American states, like Vermont, who voted for GMO labeling, now are being sued by bully frankenfoods designer, Monsanto, who doesn’t want American’s to discover the serious health risks in their GMOs. I often write about ways to eat healthy in my blog, since you need optimal health and energy to fuel your dreams of love, success, happiness. Monsanto sabotages healthy goals and fools farmers with falsehoods about safe benefits of GMOs.

I recently met with an Illinois farmer who said Monsanto tells farmers they must use genetically modified seeds to feed the world. I told him crop yield statistics prove that’s false. There’s no greater crop yield using Monsanto’s GMO seeds. There’s only toxic side effects in humans and animals that Monsanto wants to cover up.

Here’s our chance to participate in a global march against Monsanto on May 24, 2014, and join thousands of healthy, active Chicagoans who want to protect our food supply from the proven health risks in GMOs.

When do we stand up against Monsanto in Chicago?
On Saturday, May 24, 2014 attend a rally at 1 p.m., followed by a march against Monsanto at 2 p.m.

Where: Federal Plaza, 50 W. Adams Street, Chicago, IL, 60604

Wear costumes, or red clothing. Bring signs, posters, banners, props, instruments—be creative!

Listen to speakers from Organic Consumers Association, Illinois Right to Know, Institute for Responsible Technology, the Illinois Fair Trade Coalition and more at the rally.

Catch the Chicago Bees Street Theater troop buzzing in protest against Monsanto’s bee-killing poisons.

Stop by the offices of mutual funds invested in Monsanto as part of the Divest Monsanto Now! campaign.

Get to know your fellow marchers and continue the conversation at a picnic afterwards in Grant Park.

Background info:

On May 8, the Governor of Vermont signed into law Vermont’s new GMO labeling law. And on May 9 the Grocery Manufacturers Association (GMA) responded by confirming it will sue Vermont in federal court to overturn it. It’s time for consumers everywhere to band together to defeat Monsanto and the GMA’s assault on our right to know what is in our food and on our basic freedoms to protect our health and our communities.

Join us this Saturday to march against Monsanto and the GMA, and for transparency in our food system!

Want to march in your own city?

Contact organic consumers association to find out if you can join or start a march against Monsanto this Saturday.

Get all the love, health, happiness you desire and deserve,

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