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Marci Shimoff's Guide To Love and Happiness Part 3 – How To Rehabilitate The Accused and Create Peace

In Part 1 of my discussion with PBS-TV host and New York Times bestselling author, Marci Shimoff, you stopped chasing love in all the wrong places and connected with unconditional love inside you. In Part 2 you used three exercises to be love and be happy despite tough times. Now you’ll discover how to rehabilitate those accused of crimes and create peace in this summary of my discussion with Marci Shimoff during my radio show, A Lasting Love.

Hadley Finch: My favorite story in your book, Love For No Reason, demonstrates how we get more of what we focus on, and by shifting our focus we can rehabilitate those accused of wrongdoing. Tell us how the Babembe Tribe treats the accused.

Marci Shimoff: When a member of the Babembe Tribe in South Africa is accused of a crime, they don’t put them in jail, punish or chastise them. Instead, the whole community stops what they are doing, and they gather together to form a circle with the accused person in the middle.

Then they start sharing all the great things this person has ever done. They shower the accused with appreciation for all of their good qualities. They spend as long as it takes, sometimes a couple of days, just sharing how they see that person’s greatness and how they love that person. When the ceremony is over, the accused person is welcomed back into the tribe, and their wrongdoing never happens again.

Hadley Finch: When you focus on loving a person rather than punishing a misdeed, you support their loving qualities and you live with an open heart. I encourage parents to consider using this success strategy when your child has done something that requires your guidance.

Marci Shimoff: This is how you become part of the love revolution that’s going on. People are recognizing that we can love more and live in the state of love to change the world. This Chinese proverb explains the process:

When there is light in the soul, there will be beauty in the person
When there is beauty in the person, there will be harmony in the house
When there is harmony in house, there will be order in the nation
When there is order in the nation, there will be peace in the world

My prayer and wish for every one of us is that we feel the love and light in our own hearts and create peace at home and in the world.

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