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Meet Chicago Singles At Party Hosted By TV's Steve Harvey

National daytime TV talk show host, Steve Harvey, has invited you to meet hundreds of Chicago singles
during his party at Navy Pier-Chicago on Saturday September 7th.

The event will include hundreds of local singles, as well as well-known dating experts and speakers,
in addition to special prize giveaways throughout the event.

The event will be taped for an upcoming episode of Steve Harvey when the show premieres in mid-September.

But only a handful of singles actually will be featured on the show.
Most of the single men and women who attend will enjoy getting to know each other during Steve Harvey’s exciting party at Navy Pier Chicago.

Would you like to attend?

Please RSVP by submitting your info via Steve Harvey TV’s website by clicking this link now:

You’ll discover the start time and end time of this event when you RSVP here:

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