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Newlyweds Plan A Marriage As Exciting As Your Wedding

Avoid marriage myths that cause heartache, enjoy happily-ever-after love and romance using love-marriage secrets from Drs. Elizabeth and Charles Schmitz, SimpleThingsMatter.com and Hadley Finch, in this episode of A Lasting Love.

All engaged and newly-wed couples can plan a marriage that will be every bit as enchanting as your picture-perfect wedding filled with romance and the promise of forever. How do you start?

First, you find out which marriage myths cause heartache and avoid them. Then you discover surprising secrets of successful marriages that you can model in your own relationship, starting right now.

The patterns you set from the start can make or break your relationship. Today, you’ll start using the savvy tools and techniques to build a lasting love and live happily ever after, no matter what curves life throws you—with help from me and my guests, Love and Marriage Experts, Doctors Charles and Elizabeth Schmitz.

A happily married couple and popular TV guests, Drs. Elizabeth and Charles co-wrote two award-winning bestsellers: Building A Love That Lasts: The 7 surprising secrets of a Successful Marriage. And Golden Anniversaries. Their new book is, How To Marry The Right Guy.

As I chat with Elizabeth and Charles, you discover marriage success secrets they’ve gathered from 32 years of researching successful marriages on 7 continents, including:

* How to make a happy marriage plan
* The greatest predictor that love and marriage will last
* 7 fatal flaws to avoid when choosing a mate
* The risk in believing the top marriage myth
* How happy couples handle tough challenges to feel closer
* The biggest mistake newlyweds make and how to avoid it
* Marital secrets of success to model in your relationship
* How to really understand each other and your needs in your relationship
* If it’s likely you can change or fix your fiancé after marriage
* If men or women are more likely to change
* A recurring pattern of thoughts/actions define who you are in your teenage years
* Can you love truly, passionately without these two qualities?
* How men’s desires change while dating at 20 versus 40
* How spirituality affects the happy longevity of relationships
* Risks of long marital separations for work, war service
* How 24 hour darkness in Antarctica tests marital vows
* Top Characteristics of the happiest couples
* How happy couples resist temptation and deepen emotional bonds
* Who must be your best friend if you want love to last
* How couples deepen emotional bonds
* Nora Ephron said having children is like throwing a hand grenade into a relationship. How parents avoid that fate
* How couples balance work demands with home/family/couple care
* How the family bed affects sexual intimacy and marital bonds
* What your top priority must be if you want ever-lasting love
* How to handle distractions/demands outside of your relationship
* Marriage Quiz reveals how couples stay happy, loved, lovable
* Whether Love Blindness is a secret of marital success-happiness
* How to avoid the #1 cause of marital conflicts
* How to handle routines while keeping the romantic spark alive
* Can you imagine life without your beloved partner? How happy couples answer that question
* How to make your relationship a 10 out of 10 each week
* Loving secrets of Elizabeth and Charles Schmitz’s 48 year marriage that you’ll love to model in your relationship to create everlasting love and happiness, starting today.

Turn off all distractions and take love notes as you LISTEN NOW:

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Get all the love and happiness you deserve now,

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