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Online Dating Advice – Find Love Without The Ick Factor

A 20-something writer named Julia Plevin, who apparently lacks any online dating experience of her own, suggests that busy professionals who want to find love online can avoid the “Ick Factor” by joining a 2-week old dating site founded by an anonymous married woman from New York.

Although Julia didn’t define her term, “The Ick Factor”, I believe she was referring to the top challenge in online dating: How do you sort through mis-matches quickly to find love with a commitment-minded match who shares your values and life experience?

Fortunately, I’ve solved this top challenge in the online dating site I created exclusively for resilient optimists who believe in great love. Because we only invite new members to join if they possess these qualities which promote success in life and love, our pre-sorting process attracts positive, successful singles who are ready to find great love and create a great relationship.

What qualifies me to solve top dating challenges that you find in other dating sites?

After my long, happy marriage ended tragically, I still believed in great love and I set out to find it online. I’ve used top dating sites to meet great men on three continents, not without disappointment and risk. Based on my experience, which I wrote about in my best-selling novel TRIBE OF BLONDES, I quickly realized how I could improve the online dating experience in my dating site by solving many other top dating challenges like these:

No more blind dates, since you meet in live video chats before you decide if you want to meet in person;

No random search for love among millions of mismatched singles, because I help you find love and choose your perfect match as I guide your love quest in our community of successful, commmitment-minded singles;

No wasting your valuable time sorting through matches who want a financial bailout, because our recommended background checks and higher monthly membership fees only attract successful singles who want to be savored, not saved, in a relationship with your great love;

No need to lie about your age–a common complaint on other dating sites–since you don’t post your age and you find love in the only ageless, timeless search online;

No one falls in love at the speed of write in email correspondence with a virtual date, because I often remind you that nothing is real until you meet face to face, and we provide many opportunities to meet offline;

No need to attend performances or special events alone while waiting to find love, because you can start or join our meetup groups in your city and invite them to attend your favorite activities;

No need to travel the world alone, because you can enjoy our dream vacations at dream prices with adventurous singles in the tribe.

It seems like the new dating site which launched in New York a couple weeks ago may be attempting to duplicate some of the benefits that I already provide you in my site. Feel free to read Julia Plevin’s article by clicking here.

And if you’d like me to help you find love in the dating site I created exclusively for positive, accomplished singles seeking great love, I invite you to take a FREE look around as my guest at www.TribeOfSingles.com

And if you’d like to stop dead-end dating and find love fast, I share 7 new ways to attract positive singles to date, love and marry in my FREE ebook. Claim your gift copy here and find love now.

Get the red-hot love life you deserve,

Hadley Finch

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