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Online Dating Alert – Don't Fall For A Liar Or Get Conned On A Dating Site

Normally, I don’t respond to a dating site “wink”, because it means someone doesn’t care enough to write a simple note of introduction. Something made me click on this wink. That’s when I read the most disturbing dating profile, which contains many red-flags that I advise singles to avoid in your search for your great love.

This male dating profile may have been written by a woman who was warning other women against getting conned by this man. I didn’t publish his photo or his screen names, only the unedited dating profile so that you can identify all the dating red-flags. After you read this dating alert, I’ll tell you how to identify and avoid con artists online and off.

His Screen name and photo are deleted from this unedited dating profile:

Guess what ladies? A compulsive womanizer is on the loose! Maybe addicted? Here ie true M Guy 850. Also an Urban Traveler: (A public service. If you want to stay deluded, then learn the hard way.) Not a joke – confirmed by many, many stunning, accomplished, and other nice women. Handsome, fit, busy. I make claims about sophisticated tastes, interest in the arts, symphony, travel, and melting for a woman. Don’t be gullible: I lied about my age. I’m well over 60. Suave? Try slippery. Photos? ALL old. What else will I lie about for short term benefit — at your expense? I take advantage of nice, sincere women. So many are favoriting me and winking — confirming what I say here is truth, not just some needle in a …. If I suddenly act familiar, even intimate, with you (Sweetie, Darlin, Hey Baby … it’s easier than remembering so many names) or “you’re hot”, “lets snuggle together”, “when are you coming into the city so I can take you to dinner?”, just know I’m saying the same thing (Fondly) to many other women – Many! There’s always someone new, so why would I be interested in you? I will tell you what you want to hear — to get what I want. (Then you become invisible to me). I also have no qualms about keeping “something on the side” – someone (or two or three) willing and easy. I can’t tell one from the other. Don’t expect me to care about details of your life – no matter how much I pretend to be sincere and interested. Sure, I can make the small talk. But honestly its a yawn and only a warm up for what I really want. I have a clean desk policy and immediately discard the useless (things, details… and women who’ve served their purpose). I really dont care about anything except you know what and how fast we can get there. Dangling money is the bait and reveals how cheap you are. Guys with ironclad pre-nups are my heros. I like it all to be easy. Nothing serious. Forget marriage or commitment. No, you don’t impress me so don’t even try. I’ve heard it all and seen it all. (Do you know how many years I’ve been doing this?!!) Whatever promises I tease you with – they are only teases. To see if you will do what I want and how easy you are. I promise I won’t deliver. These are all tips. Maybe it applies to a Guy here, maybe not. Only you know if it rings true – But at the moment, multiple women (at least 6 this Labor Day week) in both Florida and Texas are unhappy, to put it mildly. Amazing how he can imply the same romantic promises to so many simultaneously.”

Hadley’s comments: How do men and women protect yourself against romantic con artists online and off? Before you enter a relationship, you will google someone, check out their profile on linkedin and facebook. You have a background check done before you commit. You ask direct questions about what someone wants in a relationship and if they’re dating anyone. Pay close attention to their answers.

We all have an inner truth detector that is activated when we meet or interact with someone. We must learn to trust it, because it gives you a bad feeling, a gut feeling that someone is lying, conning, manipulating you to get what they want. When you trust your gut feeling and avoid someone who gives you a bad feeling, you gain confidence in your judgment. And you’re one step closer to meeting someone with the character and qualities you desire and deserve in your love match.

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Get the red-hot love life you deserve,

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