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Why Did Anti-Marriage, Gene Simmons, Decide To Marry His Long-Time Love, Shannon Tweed?

        I met rock legend, Gene Simmons, and his live-in love, Shannon Tweed,  at an LA event during Grammy weekend this year.  Then I wrote a couple articles explaining why Gene had proclaimed in his book, SEX MONEY KISS, that he never would marry any woman.  He’d stated that marriage was more about money than love.  He’d preferred to live with Shannon Tweed, the mother of his two children, for 28 years, while he took care of money matters for his family according to the terms of their co-habitation contract.  He’d said he couldn’t call it a pre-nup because there was no nupping.

That changes Saturday night as Gene (61) and Shannon Tweed (54) get married at the iconic Beverly Hills Hotel.  What made Gene Simmons radically change his mind about marriage?

You get a glimpse of what prompted Gene’s transformation in the reality TV show based on his family life with Shannon Tweed and their two talented children in their 20’s.   During the show, you see why Shannon had reached the breaking point where she no longer would tolerate the blatant infidelities of her rock-star lover.  You understand why she left him, moving out of their family home.  What seems to have shocked Gene was the tsunami of pain he felt after Shannon moved out.  Pain was his wake-up call which showed Gene how much he really loved and missed her.  What will he do about all this pain?

When the show goes behind closed doors of Gene’s private sessions with his therapist,  he has dropped his KISS facade, revealing a vulnerable man who finally discovers what it takes to love and be loved and how he needs to grow and change if he wants to win back the heart of the only woman he loves.

It is riveting to watch Gene slowly figure out that marriage can be about love in its most passionate, profound depths, and that life can be enriched when you’re sharing it with your beloved.   Once he realizes he wants Shannon back in his life, it is inspiring to see how he plans to make that happen.  He asks for her forgiveness and promises to love her in the ways she deserves to be loved if she gives him this chance.  As Gene gets down on one knee to propose marriage, Shannon seems stunned.

Overcome with emotion as she accepts, we witness how the power of great love and forgiveness can heal heartbreak, repair a relationship and make it better than ever.  It was thrilling to see how they made the brave journey from lost love back to the fire of love.  On October 1st, as Gene and Shannon promise to love each other for the rest of their lives, they are celebrating how great love can overcome the toughest challenges and make you feel like newlyweds – even after living together for almost 30 years.

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