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Online Dating Guide – Do You Know How To Write A Romantic Love Letter To Your Virtual Date?

Couples have met and fallen in love by writing love letters throughout history, and this custom continues in today’s internet dating sites. If you’re seeking your great love online, learn how to write love letters that honestly win the heart of your virtual date as a prelude to meeting face to face.

How can you write a love letter to a virtual date that you haven’t even met?

You have met through virtual correspondence.

If you’ve joined an internet dating site, you’ve already created your dating profile and searched through many profiles and sorted through many email inquiries and introductions to identify your intriguing matches.

When you are drawn to a person’s photo and their written self portrait speaks to you, then you begin to communicate more personally and privately via email and video chats.

Throughout your casual conversations and virtual correspondence, you develop a good sense of a person’s life experience, core values and relationship goals. Genuine feelings also grow between you as you get to know and like each other.

So you experience a meeting of your minds and your heart in your virtual correspondence before you feel inspired to write a love letter and act on those feelings.

What are the secrets of romantic love letter?

A romantic love letter expresses your genuine feelings for your virtual date. You may start the note with a verse from your favorite love song, but there should be no false notes in your love letter. No false flattery. No exaggeration of your accomplishments, your emotional connection or your relationship goals.

Speaking your truth gives your virtual date no reason to be disappointed when you eventually meet because you have painted an authentic self portrait in every communication.

If this is your first attempt at writing a love letter, here are some guiding tips:

Write from your heart and your authentic truth and choose words that touch their heart.
Tell them what they did or said to open your heart and inspire your romantic feelings.
Add a humorous memory or moment that will make them smile.
Thank them for inspiring positive feelings and bringing out the best in you.
Explain why they matter to you — how your life has changed and your dreams may be fulfilled because of them.
Express your desire to meet in person and discover deeper feelings that will arise.

When your love letters express your heart-felt and genuine truths, you begin to create an authentic emotional bond with your virtual date. This adds and excitement and ease to meeting in person and seeing how you might nurture the relationship that began on your dating site.

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