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Your Love Guide – Do You Know How to Spark Sexual Passion in a Dating Friendship?

If you’re like most American singles, you often bolt from a new date if you don’t feel sexual chemistry by your 2nd date. Yet you give some dating friendships months or years to develop with platonic pals who could make a great love match if only you added great sex to the mix.

Can your dating friendship catch fire into something more? You’ll find out when you use these Love Tips —

3 Love Tips That May Spark Sexual Passion In Your Dating Friendship:

1. Face the reality that your feelings and dating friendship have changed

You’ve already developed deep affection for your platonic date. If you’ve started to have sexual feelings for your pal, you may be concerned this could change your relationship, but that’s already happened.

How do you handle this?

You can stifle and ignore your sexual feelings, which sets the tone for a false friendship.
Or you can accept and act on your feelings, which supports an authentic relationship.
If you choose the authentic path with heart, what is your next step?

2. Begin gentle flirting to see if you can trigger sexual attraction

You’ve already gotten to know your platonic pal on a deep level not based on sex. Now it’s time to express your sexual interest and find out if these sexual feelings are mutual.

You may playfully mention how sexy your pal looks and watch their reaction.
You might lay your cards on the table by confessing your new sexual feelings and asking them what you should do about it.

Be prepared for a surprised reaction, a total rejection, or a mutual desire to include sexual intimacy in your dating friendship. Thank them for an honest reaction to your honest feelings. Then you’re ready for the next Love Tip.

3. Start fresh in this relationship in whatever form it takes

When you already have a good friendship, you can talk through your personal reactions and discover how your relationship will change.

You may have to sacrifice this dating companion because of your honesty, which is better than sacrificing your honesty and stifling your true feelings.

Or you may be delighted to discover how you have sparked sexual passion in your dating friendship. This is a solid foundation for a happy relationship and lasting love.

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