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Online Dating – How To Avoid Risks and Find Love

Many people ask me if online dating is risky. I explain that the risks of online dating are significantly diminished by built-in safeguards and guidelines used in most online dating sites.

For example, you create a screen name to protect your identity, and you don’t reveal your private contact information until you’ve emailed or chatted by video, talked on the phone and met for coffee in a public place.

You also must be proactive to protect yourself against romantic con artists, whom you may meet online or offline. It makes headline news when a single woman is scammed out of her life savings by a man she just met. I help men and women avoid being a victim of financial scam by following this cardinal safety rule:

Never give money to someone you’ve just met.

If a potential match asks you for money, you reply, “I’m not your banker.” You think, “Next!” because you’ve met someone who wants a financial bailout. You cut off contact with them. You move on to meet a compatible match, who asks for no more than they’re willing to give in a relationship.

You also avoid dating risks and disappointments when you follow my other safety precautions.

Before you enter a relationship, you will:

Google someone and check out their profile on linkedin and facebook.
Do a background check on a potential match, before you commit.
Ask direct questions about what someone wants in a relationship, and if they’re dating anyone.
Pay close attention to their answers, so you evaluate if they are being honest or hiding something.

We all have an inner truth detector that is activated when we meet or interact with someone. We must learn to trust it, because it gives you a bad feeling, a gut feeling that someone is lying, conning, or manipulating you to get what they want.

When you trust your gut feeling and take action on it, you become a savvy dater. You avoid a potential match, who gives you a bad feeling. You gain confidence in your judgment and make choices that protect your well being.

A universal law states that like attracts like. We attract what we are, not what we want. So it’s important to be a savvy dater, who sorts through mismatches and chooses a love match with the character and qualities that you value and bring to a relationship.

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Hadley Finch

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