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Online Dating News – Does A Background Check Help You Find Love?

The Illinois Senate just passed legislation requiring online dating sites to tell members whether they do criminal background checks on people who join their dating site. Since my dating site is based in Illinois, I want to inform our lawmakers that doing a background check is only one of many safeguards that single men and women need to use in their search to find love online or offline.

As America’s Love Guide and founder of TribeOfSingles.com dating site, I help singles find love by providing new love skills to sort through mismatches, choose a great love match, and create a great relationship.

I encourage single men and women to follow our online dating safety protocol:

Protect your identity and contact info by using a screen name as you get to know a potential match through video chats, email, telephone conversations, and if you decide to meet for coffee in a public place.

If you travel to meet a virtual date, you pay your own way, stay in your own place and meet in a public place so you are safe and secure at all times.

Never give money to someone you’ve just met. If you’re asked for it, then assume your match wants a financial bailout. You reply, “I’m not your banker.” You move on to meet a compatible match, who asks for no more than they’re willing to give in a relationship.

Use our intimacy guide to ask the right questions during early dates and find out if you share common values and vision for a relationship. Trust your gut instincts, and do not get involved with someone you don’t trust.

Before you enter a serious dating relationship, you do a background check, check out their facebook, linkedin and twitter accounts, get to know their family and friends. If you find deal breakers, you move on to meet a more compatible love match.

And you get dating advice like this as I guide your love quest and help you choose your best match in TribeOfSingles.com dating site where great singles find great love. Take a FREE look around as my guest

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Get the red-hot relationship you deserve,

Hadley Finch

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