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Online Dating News – Cause Of Dating Disconnect

Hadley Finch comments: An ABC-TV Report on Online Dating News suggests that dating disconnect results from the difference between the qualities you prioritize in your dating profile and the “gut level factors” you experience when you meet a match in person.

Why the disconnect?

Because dating chemistry isn’t rational. As a dating and relationship coach and founder of a dating site, I often advise single men and women to write a rational shopping list of mandatory or preferred qualities you seek in your perfect match. I also explain that someone may seem like a perfect match on paper or in their online dating profile, yet when you meet them in person your interest can fizzle if there’s no spark of excitement or curiosity in each others presence.

Science can’t fully explain the cause of dating disconnect or dating chemistry, although there are some biological and psychological possibilities:

Great dating chemistry can be your DNA telling you that you’d have healthy babies together.

It can be your subconscious mind getting excited to find love with someone who may throw salt on your childhood wounds so you can heal them together in a loving relationship.

Dating chemistry can fire up or fizzle, depending on whether you have fun with someone in each phase of meeting on dating sites–first via emails and video chats, and then as you meet in person.

I often tell my online community that people can fall in love at first write online, yet nothing is real until you meet. In my dating site, you can meet in live video chats first, so you can get to know each other and look for sparks of chemistry before you decide to meet in person. We also meet in live events and travel vacations with adventurous singles, because the goal is to get offline and create a real connection ASAP.

A female matchmaker featured in this ABC TV report said that dating was frustrating and drudgery, until you meet the right person.

That’s not true in the dating site I created for positive, successful singles who believe in great love. I’m your dating sherpa, who handles baggage and helps you avoid dating minefields, so you enjoy your great love quest and choose your perfect match.

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