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Online Dating News TribeOfSingles Love Matches – Will Hackers Win?

I have disturbing news to tell you.

Yesterday afternoon, hackers shut down TribeOfSingles.com Love Matches  We were able to restore our site for 30 minutes, and then the hackers shut it down again.

One day after the hacker attack, our team of tech experts are still working to disarm their corrupt code and regain control of our site, which uses award-winning skadate dating site software.

“Will the hackers win?”

The answer still is uncertain.

How do we handle this challenge?

Shot down 7 times, bounce back 8.

Being resilient is one of our guiding principles that help you overcome great challenges and experience great love.

The hacker’s challenge won’t stop us from getting all the love and happiness we deserve.

I want members of  TribeOfSingles Love Matches to know that it’s safe for you to open the emails with love advice that I send you as I guide your love quest.   I will let you know when it’s safe to go back on our site.

What if the cowardly hackers permanently shut down TribeOfSingles.com Love Matches? How do we bounce back from this challenge?

If that happens, I will get back to you with my ideas on creating a new site that helps you choose your great love match and —
Get all the love and happiness you deserve,

Hadley Finch

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