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Path # 5 To Infidelity – Do You Offer Much More Than Sex To Keep Your Partner Engaged?

A report in Men’s Health Magazine is a must read for every man and women who wants to affair-proof your relationship. Find out why you need to offer much more than sex to keep your partner engaged in a committed relationship as you read my summary of this Men’s Health report:

Path # 5 To Infidelity: You’re not challenging each other enough

We need our partners to challenge us and (to quote Jerry McGuire) complete us. We look for relationships that make us better people. We look for partners who can improve who we are.

This relationship process is called, “Self expanding,” according to Gary Lewandowski, Ph.D., an associate professor of psychology at Monmouth University.

The precise amount of self expansion that you need from a date or mate is subjective, says Dr. Lewandowski. What’s more important is determining if that dynamic exists with your partner.

In his recent study, Dr. Lewandowski found that without your partner’s excitement and encouragement to make you a better person, you become more aware of opportunities and alternatives, paving the way for cheating.

Are you waiting for your partner to challenge you? Ever think that your partner may be waiting for you to challenge them, too?

The Remedy:

Neither one of you can be a passive participants in your relationship, so get equally active and focused on growth.

If you’re feeling frustrated by the lack of self expansion in your relationship, clear the air and tell your partner about this. Make self expansion part of your everyday conversation. Then set goals to help each of you expand. Dr. Lewandowski suggested some goals:

Ask your partner to compensate for your weaknesses by teaching you something.
Offer to teach your partner a new skill.
Sign up for a course together so that your both learn new skills–a new style of cooking, a new language, a new sport, etc.
Make future plans that keep you learning, growing and pushing each other in the right ways.
These attitudes and actions will keep you more focused on your relationship and less likely to cheat.

Will you challenge your partner by planning new travel and learning experiences together?

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