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Relationship Repair FlashCards – A Lasting Love Advice Radio

Discover magic phrases that heal relationship conflicts and revive loving kindness in a flash guided by couples therapist Nancy Dreyfus Psy.D.  nancydreyfus.com and Radio Host Hadley Finch, creator TribeOfSingles.com Love Matches, author of 911BreakupSurvival.com
As veteran couples therapist, Nancy Dreyfus, chats with America’s Love Guide, Hadley Finch, you discover how to use a simple love tool that breaks through couples defenses, humanizes relationships, resolves marital conflicts and sparks loving kindness in a flash.
How can you be sincere, thoughtful and speak from your heart when someone else is giving you proven phrases that break through barriers to lasting love and romance?
Find out why the most authentic strategy to rebuild trust and transform your love life may be to hold up flash cards composed neither by you nor your romantic partner.
Find out how to use real life flash cards to repair and revitalize any relationship in a flash, including relationships with children, coworkers, close friends.
As you listen to this relationship-transforming episode, you learn to navigate around relationship minefields by using pre-written messages to:
* Speak your truth in ways that disarm your partner’s defenses and touch their heart
* Convey your deepest desires and inspire your partner to satisfy them
* Make love more often to benefit from sexual healing
* Heal a past relationship with a departed parent or loved one
* Get out of miserable ruts without complaining
* Get first aid for painful interactions instead of suffering
* Place your whole relationship on a healing path, even if your partner resists the idea
Take notes of this advice-packed conversation with Hadley Finch and Nancy Dreyfus. Jot down your favorite love tools and tips to revitalize relationships with the people you care about most.  Find out how to get Free Flash Cards to transform your love life in a flash.  Listen to this episode of A Lasting Love by clicking here.

What if you’ve missed the chance to repair your relationship, and you’re suffering through a divorce or breakup?

Get the urgent remedies Hadley used to heal her own trauma from lost love after her long, happy marriage ended tragically.  
Stop suffering needlessly.  Heal heartbreak and create a happy new life as you read 911 Breakup Survival: How To Get Over A Breakup And Love Again, Like It’s The First Time.

Know someone who needs help to repair a relationship, avoid divorce or survive a breakup and thrive?  Give them the help they need by sharing this episode now, by clicking SHARE and TWEET.  They will appreciate your help.


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