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Relationship Rescue – What's The Cure For Boredom In Your Love Life?

Fear of boredom is a vital problem that causes half the misadventures of mankind. I’ve paraphrased Bertrand Russell’s view, and now I’ll share my view of the cause and cure for boredom in your life and love life.

What are symptoms of boredom?

Spacing out in front of the television or surfing the web for long periods of time.
Staying silent during meetings or meals with a mate, date, family, friends or coworkers.
Feeling restless or feeling nothing.
Staying stuck without doing anything to change it.

What is the cause of boredom?

Blaming someone or something for your excitement deficiency.

What is the cure?

Knowing that nothing is exciting or interesting unless you are excited and interested.
Taking 100 percent responsibility to create new meaning and find new ways of seeing and living your life.

Are you resisting? Are you justifying your excitement deficiency because you feel stuck in unwanted circumstances? Are you unwilling to try on new attitudes and take new actions that defeat your nemesis known as boredom?

If so, then you’ve identified your blocks to meaningful, exciting relationships, including the one you have with yourself.

If you feel like your life is a daily repetition of the same old routines, like the classic film Groundhog Day, then there is an exciting way to change that.

You have the power to shake things up, find the fun, invent surprises, discover new meaning, become engaged and add a spirit of adventure to each day and each relationship.

How do you activate this power?

Write a new To-Do list for every new day.

What are some old dreams you’d like to revive? How will you take action on them every day?
What topics of conversation tickle your fancy? How will you bring them up in your daily interactions with people?
How can you live your life, instead of watching others live theirs on TV?
What old baggage can you leave behind, so you feel lighthearted joy in each new day?
What feelings do you desire in your romantic relationship? What new actions will you take to inspire these feelings in your and your partner in bed and in daily life?
What if you’re single and tired of being alone or being stuck in a dead-end relationship? What will you do each day to honorably get unstuck and reach out to make new single friends or meet your best love match?

How will you fend off boredom and cure your excitement deficiency in your life and love life? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comment box after this post.

And I’ll give you the relationship success tools you need to bulletproof a relationship or recruit your perfect match if you’re single, and build better relationships with everyone in your life when you begin your program at http://GreaterSuccessAndLove.com

Love deeply and live your dreams now,

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