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Tribe Wisdom Keeper As Love Guide – Discover 6 Insights That Change Your Life And The World

An authentic tribe wisdom keeper I met in Santa Fe often jokes that she is the youngest, blondest, whitest wisdom keeper among all Native American tribes. She also looks decades too young for her tribal name, Little Grandmother. Also known as Keisha Crowther, she was chosen by the tribe to honor the wisdom of ancestors and keep it alive. On a global level, wisdom keepers help people remember ancient truths that will enrich your life and help you live your dreams today.

Now, Tribe Wisdom Keeper, Little Grandmother, reveals 6 insights you can use to create positive change your life and the world:

1. Know that we belong to a universe of Love and Light

There is a bigger, higher knowing than ourselves. There is more to life than we experience on mother earth. Our ancestors knew this, and we seem to have forgotten who we really are.

Remember that each of us is the Great I Am. We are sparks of the god-goddess consciousness that creates our world. So dream your highest dreams and make them come true. There are no limits to what we can create, since we are part of the universe of Love and Light.

2. History is an evolution of thought, not technology and production

When we shift our consciousness from mind to heart, we give more thought energy to love and grow more love in our lives and the world.

3. All things are alive with energy

Energy keeps us alive. You actually can see energy as a pink haze in sunrise and sunsets. We are being asked to stop taking energy from each other and start breathing in energy from plants, trees, mountains, streams, sky and stars. Outside, we can breathe and feel our energy fill up and our batteries recharge. We give back energy to mother earth in each exhale.

4. Learn why you are here

Decide what you stand for. Find your life purpose. Know that you are the Great I Am, as you decide what you want to do with your life. It’s not other people who make or break you. It’s you.

5. Do not become addicted to other humans

If you do so, you stop the growth of love and you can’t find or fulfill your destiny.

6. Live your best dreams

Dreams are guides that show you and tell you how to live from your heart and highest self. The highest energy vibration of these dreams rise to the sky and change your life and the world with the energy of love.

The Tribe Of Blondes was named for the light of love–the greatest force of positive change. I gave our tribe this name long before I met the wisdom keeper named Little Grandmother. Ideally, her wise insights encourage you to love deeply and live your dreams now.

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Love deeply and live your dreams now,

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