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Relationship Sabotage – Are You Blocking Love and Marriage Without Knowing It?

If you can’t seem to create a happy relationship with lasting love, it may not be your fault. You’re about to discover how you may be sabotaging love and intimacy due to unconscious patterns that consistently attract the wrong kind of partner or cause the same old issues with your romantic partners.

I interviewed Dr. Pamela Zimmer, author of Sex, Lies And Sabotage, to help you become aware of your thinking and dating patterns so that you can change them and consciously create the relationship of your dreams.

Dr. Pamela warns women of the risks in blaming a man for your relationship troubles. She says blame emasculates a man and prevents him from operating from his best state whenever a woman holds him responsible for the issues in their relationship. Blame is self defeating, because it will not inspire a man to make the changes she wants him to make.

What’s an antidote to the blame game?

Emotional independence is the secret that helps you find the place within yourself to create your own happiness and your own sense of well being, so that you are not expecting your date or mate to make you happy.

Although Dr. Pamela guides women into accepting full responsibility for your own happiness, I also recommend this strategy to men who have a habit of believing a woman should make him happy.

I’d like to suggest a new motto for men and women alike: I am responsible for my own happiness.

What are the best ways to boost your happiness levels?

Reviving your dreams and taking action on them everyday will rev up your happiness, your strengths and your sex appeal. Falling in love again with yourself and all the wonders of you will attract the love you desire like a love magnet.

How do you choose a more compatible love match?

Make sure you’ve taken the time to reflect on what went wrong from the previous relationship, so you can learn those love lessons and let them go. Then you don’t have to repeat them again and again in future relationships.

Instead of demanding that your partner love you in a certain way, it is better to demonstrate how you love you in that certain way. Your healthy self love attracts someone with the same quality like a love magnet.

And I’d love to give you the relationship success tools you need to recruit your perfect match, affair-proof a relationship and build even better relationships with family, friends, co-workers and clients when you begin our exciting program at GreaterSuccessAndLove.com

Love deeply and live your dreams now,

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