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Episode 38 – Love Lessons From Tiger Woods Confession Of Infidelity

Tiger Woods has proven himself to be a more courageous leader for modern couples than a recent President, some Senators, CEOs and celebrities who’ve been caught while taking advantage of perks of power and success. Instead of passing blame or making cowardly denials and cover ups, Tiger astonished the world by telling the truth during his Press Conference to admit his indiscretions.

Tiger seemed humbled as he accepted full responsibility for having many extramarital affairs, because he’d come to believe that some rules didn’t apply to him. He felt justified in partaking in many temptations that were presented, because he thought he’d earned these pleasures after years of hard work and great success. He never anticipated how his behavior, which he now sees as selfish, would hurt everyone he loved and everyone who trusted and held him in the highest regard.

Tiger said he now realizes how far he’d strayed from his core values. He apologized to his wife and children who were not present for the televised confession. He also apologized to his mother, friends and colleagues who were gathered together for the conference, and to everyone watching his startling admission on television.

Tiger Woods asked for the help of family and friends as he works to save his marriage and family life. He asked the Press to give his family privacy as he attempts to rebuild trust in his actions, not just his words. His ruthless honesty and sincere desire for forgiveness and a second chance to prove himself will fuel his growth during these challenging times, whether or not his marriage can survive the devastating fallout from his affairs.

Tiger said, “It’s not what you achieve that matters. It’s what you overcome.” Tiger Woods has shown us that he has what it takes to overcome this marital crisis, because of his unvarnished honesty, his sincere apology and his commitment to rebuild trust through consistent action.

The courage Tiger exhibited in the most vulnerable period of his life may have inspired us to root for an enduring reconciliation with his wife. Yet as he asks for forgiveness, he has no control over whether he receives it. Neither does any man or woman who slides down the slippery slope into a sexual or emotional affair.

What if you are in the same position as Tiger?

Healing the wounds of infidelity can be the toughest Love Test in a relationship. If you want to climb back up that slope and rebuild trust, Tiger Woods is a courageous Love Guide. I also wrote a song that shows you how to reach the peak of forgiveness and reconciliation. It’s called “Pardon Me”, and it’s sung by Michael Umphrey of New Christie Minstrels fame.

You can listen to the song at the end of my audio by clicking the play arrow in the audio box at the top of this page.

I’ve included the song lyrics for those of you who are reading my blog on Kindle.

I’m sorry I hurt you, caused so much pain
Ill will keeps our hearts locked in a cage
Could you let go of anger, look through loving eyes
Let your heart pardon my betrayal and lies

Pardon me, to free yourself
from past heartbreak
Pardon me, to heal all wounds
from my past mistakes
from my past mistakes

Pardon me please, not my misdeeds
Cross the bridge over anger
with my offer of peace
Choose love over fear
See the best in your friend
Please pardon me family
Let me love you again –Pardon Me

Dedicated to our relationship happiness,

Hadley Finch

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