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Resilience – How To Use Your Inner Power To Meet Challenges and Thrive in Life And Love

You can face any challenge when you understand who you really are and how to tap into the immense power inside you. When you remember your greatness, you never have to settle in life nor in love. You’re about to learn how to look at life from an energy perspective and use your mind to change your life and thrive now.

Einstein proved that everything is energy, including us. As energetic beings, we need energetic healing. To explain how we heal with energy, I interviewed Suzette Foster, a life coach and holistic healer who credits her energetic healing techniques for her miraculous recovery from a broken neck and paralysis in 2005.

Suzette had the same injury as Christopher Reeve, was immediately paralyzed, couldn’t speak and stopped breathing. Even her Duke neurologist said she should have been dead at the scene of her biking accident or a quadriplegic. Suzette not only survived, but she now enjoys a healthy active lifestyle, including hiking, biking and dancing. She says the energetic healing techniques she used to survive and thrive can also be used to bring in money, a better career, better relationships and health.

What is Suzette’s energetic secret?

As an expert holistic healer, she already knew at the moment of her life-threatening paralysis that her body would respond to her mind’s intentions. So she stayed calm and said in her mind, “I refuse to accept this limitation. I turn to my source.”

She instantly felt a lightning bolt of energy go through her body like a shock. She repeated this thought in her mind again, and then a second lightning bolt shook her paralyzed arm, restarted her breathing and revived her ability to speak. She says this is the untapped energy that we all have available to us. Yet she still couldn’t move her body.

When paramedics transported her to the E-R of Duke University Hospital, Suzette didn’t focus on the fact she was fully paralyzed. She whispered to the medical team, “See me dancing.”

When she survived risky surgery to bolt together two pieces of her broken neck, Suzette asked the ICU team to remove pain meds from her I-V. Once again, she used her mind and her source to rise above feelings of pain.

What is her source?

Some call this energy God or the higher power. Suzette says it doesn’t matter what you call it, but it’s important to get aligned with the energetic field that surrounds us and get it to work for you.

She focused this energy force into her full recovery and was released from the hospital in a week. She slowly taught herself to move and walk, astonishing the skeptical doctors who had said she’d never walk again.

Suzette claims that the energetic force is available to all of us, when we know how to access it. The best way to do this is to keep your focus on the solutions instead of the problems, so you allow your energy to flow into solutions you want to bring about. What you focus on, you attract–that’s the law of attraction in action.

I often tell my online community, “What you see will be, when you take right action.” Researchers tell us that positive thoughts are not enough to rewire the brain of habitual negative thinkers. New actions also are needed to make lasting positive changes. And it’s wise to visualize what you want and look at your challenges as opportunities to grow.

As you consider Suzette Foster’s life-threatening injury and miraculous recovery from paralysis and a broken neck, I’d like you to think about what’s broken in your life, your work and your relationships.

Are you paralyzed by negative thinking or destructive habits? Will you focus your thought energy and actions on solutions so you survive the toughest challenges and thrive in life and love?

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Love deeply and live your dreams now,

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