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Romantic Stimulus Package – How To Write A Love Song As A Romantic Gift To Your Intimate Partner

Are you looking for a gift that stimulates romance in your intimate relationship? Learn from a renowned composer how to write a simple love song as a romantic, everlasting gift to your intimate partner.

In 2006, a renowned composer named Peter Lieberson wrote a love song for his wife, mezzo soprano Lorraine Hunt Lieberson, so that she could perform it.

The New York Times called it a rapturously lyrical work for voice and orchestra, a setting of five sonnets by the Chilean poet, Pablo Neruda, that was like a love letter from the composer to his wife, who was grappling with breast cancer at the time.

Some of the last extraordinary performances she gave before her death at 52 in July, 2006 were of the “Neruda Songs”. Mr. Lieberson wrote another piece for his wife that she was supposed to perform with the New York Philharmonic in May, 2006, but she was too ill to sing.

Soon after her death, Mr. Lieberson learned he had lymphoma. His illness delayed the premiere of “The World In Flowers” for three years until May 2009, when its debut received a warm ovation and a glowing review in the New York Times.

We are not concerned with critic’s comments of Mr. Lieberson’s cantatas; we’re focused on his creative process and how to model it when you create a love song for your beloved.

What inspired his lyrics?

Mr. Lieberson included verses from romantic poet, Pablo Neruda, in both cantatas. For “The World In Flower,” Mr. Lieberson assembled words from 11 mystics and poets that best expressed his exhilaration, tenderness and viewpoints on life and love. Then he matched the lyrics with music he composed.

How do you create your love song?

If you are not a music composer or lyricist, you can choose a stirring melody from a classical, country or pop piece of music. You can buy an instrumental or karaoke version of a song you like. Then you can assemble words and verses from authors you admire to use as lyrics for your love song.

You won’t need to buy a legal license to use music or words of other composers or authors, unless you plan to perform your love songs in public.

If you’re creating the love song as a romantic stimulus for your intimate relationship to be enjoyed solely by the two of you, feel free to choose music, words or verses that make you feel exhilarated, tender, romantic, and inspired by love. Then sing or record your love song and present it to your beloved as an everlasting testament to your love.

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