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Soulful Dating Guide – Are You Sending Clear Signals For Love?

If you’re dating for fun without a future, then these love tips may not interest you. If you’d like to meet the great love of your lifetime and enjoy a happy, passionate relationship with lasting love, then it’s time to make sure that your dating behavior will attract the best co-star in your love story.

Are you sending clear signals for love?

Think of yourself as a TV show that sends signals to your audience through your words and tone of voice, your actions and body language, your visual appearance and sex appeal, and through the sub text or underlying meaning in things you think, feel, say and do.

Your TV audience tunes into your show because they are attracted to many features of what you offer them.

You attract a date the same way you attract a TV audience to your show. So it’s wise to make sure that your show content attracts the audience you want to reach.

If you want to reach a positive, commitment-minded love match, then the words, actions, thoughts and feelings you express to a date should send out signals that you:

* love yourself and your single life
* are open to physical love, passionate caring and kindness
* have developed all the qualities as the lover you want to meet
* have found positive solutions to past issues and old baggage
* have let go of unrealistic love tests that few mortals could pass
* have silenced the voice of your inner critic who could steal your joy
* live within your financial means as you live your dreams each day
* invite positive, supportive people into your inner circle or chosen tribe
* have cleared room in your home and daily life for your love match
* speak with kind-hearted honesty
* see the best in yourself and others to bring out the best in health, success and love
* know with your whole being that your true love is out there waiting to find you

What if you resist some of these signals? Or you behave in ways that betray them?

This tells you where you are sending signals that will not speak to your true love match.
Now you know where you may want to change your signals to attract the best co-star in your love story.

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Love deeply and live your dreams now,

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