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Episode 54 – Turn Spring Fever Into Hot Sex With Erotica

Spring is the season for a rebirth of love and romance. You can rejuvenate your sex life and indulge your sexual fantasies all year long with a erotic secrets you’ll learn in my interview with Jeanne Ainslie, a best-selling erotica author whose new novel is titled, A Country Girl.

“Erotica gives women permission to indulge their sexual fantasies without guilt,” says Ainslie. She encourages women to read erotica in the presence of their mate because it breaks through emotional barriers and increases intimacy in your relationship.

Most erotica was written by men using a woman’s pen name. Jeanne Ainslie proudly writes under her real name from the point of view of a woman. Her erotic scenarios are inspired by her real-life fantasies, by her real crushes, and by her experiences being married to a doctor for many years in Vancouver.

Jeanne’s erotica is filled with romance, seduction, the intense longing for a lover and the deep intimate connection you create together. There are erotic scenes every few pages in Jeanne’s novel which give readers ideas how to explore your sexuality and keep your intimate relationship fresh and exciting.

Would you like Jeanne’s simple recipe for hot sex?

Blend together her top 5 ingredients which are an acronym for BLISS:

Baggage–drop your ties to past relationships so you are emotionally free to move forward with a new lover
Love–romantic love combined with sex is more powerful and hot than sex without love
Intimacy–great communication is essential, breaking down walls, fears, insecurities to take a risk with your heart
Sex–be adventurous, be open to sex toys, massage, role playing and create fun surprises for your partner often
Satisfaction–take time to savor whole-body sensuality of loving touch and kissing which produce endorphins that are 200 times more powerful than morphine

Want to discover the naughty treat that every man wants?

Look your lover in the eyes and place the pleasure focus on them by asking, “What can I do to make you feel good?”

Then listen to their request and fulfill it. You are offering yourself as a treat by sharing fantasies and sexual adventures with someone you trust.

What erotic exercise gets women in shape and increases sexual desire?

Belly dancing is an empowering exercise that helps women reclaim their sensuality. It’s another whole-body expression of your sexual power that will spark desire in you and your partner.

Ideally, you’ve learned a few new ways to create a blissful intimate relationship. Will you use these Love Tips to transform spring fever into hot sex tonight?

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Love deeply and live your dreams now,

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