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Speed Dating Secrets. How To Attract An Ideal Match Before The Love Bell Rings

Do you know how to attract an ideal match in three minutes or less? The secrets I’m about to reveal will help you attract an ideal match before the love bell rings during speed dating, or online dating, or whenever you meet a savvy single by chance.

I will not explain the logistics of how you meet 40 single men or women during an evening of speed dating. I haven’t tried that yet, although it sounds like fun.

I actually learned the secrets of speed-dating success from the media during the National Publicity Summit in New York City.

TV producers, magazine writers and radio hosts told a group of authors what it takes to start a working relationship with them during a 2.5 minute meeting. I instantly saw how these success secrets could be applied to speed dating or to any first meeting.

You’re about to discover how to make your best first impression, identify an ideal match, and start a relationship within three minutes of meeting someone on a speed date, online or by chance.

How to make your best first impression:

Let’s assume you are dressed for a speed date, so you already look your best.

Let’s move beyond superficial appearance and explore the top qualities that you bring to a relationship.

What 3-4 benefits will your date experience in a relationship with you?
How will you enrich their life with your talents, interests, values and the love you have to offer?

To find your answers, simply make a list of your talents, qualities, values, successes.
Choose your best ones and create a two-sentence summary that you could tell someone in a quick elevator ride.

How do you describe the wonders of you in 30 seconds or less?

Rev up your enthusiasm and smile.
Leave your sad old stories behind and lead with your strengths.
You get more of what you focus on, so it is in your best interests to see through the eyes of an optimist.
Present the best and brightest version of you.
When you make this a new habit, your quirks or flaws lose importance because the dominant vibration wins.

How to identify an ideal match:

After you explain the benefits that you bring to a relationship, come right out and ask your date if they are interested in what you have to offer. Do I tickle your fancy? Do you see a possible match?

If the answer is no, the date is over. Next!

Remain optimistic. You’re one step closer to meeting your ideal match.

If the answer is yes, then feel free to ask your date what qualities they bring to a relationship and what benefits they seek.

This is the time to bring up your deal-breaking questions in a light, playful tone.
Must love dogs?
Must avoid smoking?
Must practice hot monogamy?

Remember, you are not judging. You are seeking the qualities that are essential in your ideal match.

How to start a relationship in your first meeting:

If you like what you’ve learned so far and you feel a spark of mutual interest and appreciation, make a plan to meet again.

In speed dating, you will vote for a candidate by name and number. You may make many matches in one night.

In online dating, you may decide to chat by phone, video or to meet face to face, safely in a public place.

In a chance meeting, you may trade business cards, phone numbers or set up another date before you part–or else you may forever lose your chance to meet again. That’s the love bell in real life.

Are you ready to use these speed dating secrets to attract your ideal match?

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Love deeply and live your dreams now,


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