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A Romantic Recovery Package – 10 Cheap Dates That Beat The Recession And Revive Your Lust For Love

Did the declining Dow dampen your libido? You can change that with a romantic recovery program. Whether you’re starting a dating relationship or sparking up an enduring one, here are 10 cheap dates that beat the recession and revive your lust for love:

10. Recreate a favorite scene in a romantic movie.

Dress for your parts. Learn your lines. Act out the scene, and see how it feels to co-star in your own love story.

9. Sneak into a forest preserve after hours.

Bring a blanket and refreshments. Notice the sensations of the darkness. See if you can identify constellations in the night sky. Is there a chance for romance without getting caught by security guards?

8. Buy packets of seeds and plant a garden. Flower or food. In your yard or in a window planter. Water it and watch it grow together.

7. Go out to a movie and sit in the back row.

Make out like teenagers instead of watching the show.

6. Pretend you’re the current or a former President and First Lady.

Meet for a casual dinner and discuss the events of your day. Offer comfort and counsel during dinner. See what you crave for dessert.

5. Write a love song about you and your date or mate.

Choose the melody from a favorite song and write your own lyrics about your love life. Sing it together and make it your song.

4. Take a walking tour of a city.

As you pass a church or temple, walk inside and renew your vows. If you’re starting a relationship, simply give thanks for your blessings and the pleasure of each others’ company.

3. Take a volunteer vacation with your date or mate.

Join an American archeological dig or work on a farm. A new adventure often sparks passion and creates exciting moments and memories. This is a low-cost or free vacation that your whole family may enjoy.

2. Create A Home Spa Day.

Stretch out on beach towels in your bedroom or bath floor. Take turns doing a full-body massage with warmed olive or coconut oil. Enhance your foot and hand massages using an online reflexology chart as your guide. Soak in a hot bath together. Continue pampering each other after you dry off. Will you paint each others toes? Or see what other afternoon delights unfold?

1. Be a reporter and do an up close and personal interview of your date or mate.

Ask them about their childhood, their current hopes and dreams, what challenges they’re facing, what accomplishments make them feel proud.

Ask them to imagine their ideal relationship and tell you the qualities they seek and offer. How can you each bring these qualities into your relationship?

After your interview, offer to reverse roles and let your partner take a turn interviewing you. How will you use these new insights to spark the fire of love?

Love deeply and live your dreams now,


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