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Success ToolKit – What's The Best Tool To Break Through Fear?

Fear of failure is a big block to success in life and love. Yet failure doesn’t have to block your success. Some of the most successful people on earth have earned a black belt in failure as well as in success.

Failure is my umbrella term for any loss you’ve experienced that can hold you back or drag you down. Success refers to any gain or goal you’ve achieved to move forward at work, at home and in daily life.

So what’s your biggest block to success in any aspect of your life?

It’s fear. Your fear of failure or fear of the unknown makes you decide to play it safe. This steals your joy, stifles love and sabotages your success. How?

Fear clouds your view of blue skies as if you were looking through a dark veil of excuses and limiting beliefs.

What’s the best tool you can use to break through your veil of fear?

It’s curiosity. Replace your fear with curiosity and now look at this world. See how much it has for you to explore. Discover the great adventures that await you.

Your curiosity takes you out of yourself and places you into the world and life of others. You make better connections with people because you ask better questions: How did you overcome that obstacle? What brings you joy? What could we learn from each other?

Ask yourself, “How does it feel to walk in that person’s shoes?” Whenever you take that walk, you toss away your veil of fear.

What if that sounds too easy for you?

Analytical minds may prefer to define your fear before you let it go. Here is another tool to help you do that. Think of a fear and then jot down your answers to these four questions on a sheet of paper:

What am I afraid of?

How does this fear hold me back in life?

How has it helped me in the past?

When I leave this fear behind me and I know I can’t fail, what will my life be like?

Your final answer reveals why you want to eliminate that fear. Until your why is stronger than your fear and limiting beliefs, you will be stuck.

I encourage you to add passion and power to your “why” and then do the thing you fear. Some say the courage comes afterwords. I say that the force of your “Why” transforms your fear into a force for positive change.

How do you use this success tool in your daily life?

Whenever you feel the trembling force of fear, it is your cue to embrace it rather than fight it. Then choose a “Why” that’s stronger than your fear and take action to fulfill it.

When you respond to fear like this every day for a month, you create a new success habit. When you use this success tool every day, you always will outperform someone who lets fear hold them back and keep them stuck. And you will enjoy even greater success in every aspect of your life.

Let me know how this helps you love deeply and live your dreams now,

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