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Healing Codes Part Two – How To Stop Sabotaging Your Health, Success and Love

In Part One, you discovered the source of every barrier to greater health, success and love. The source is inner stress which often is caused by negative programming that we may not even be aware of.

In Part Two, you’ll find out how to break through this stress barrier by fixing your negative programming and healing your life now. I gleaned this information from teleseminars and interviews with Dr. Alex Loyd and from my own experience in using his healing codes.

How do you fix your negative programming that causes stress, illness and blocks your success?

You deactivate negative programming at its source. That source is your cellular memories. Deactivating destructive cellular memories is the difference between excellent health and early death, between success and failure, between love and loneliness.

What are cellular memories?

Scientific studies tell us there is memory in every cell in the body, not just in the brain. Cellular memories are like radio stations that transmit signals 24/7. Memories of fear, failure, unforgiveness or lack of confidence are broadcast constantly to every cell in your body. This turns on your stress switch when it’s not supposed to be turned on.

How did our cellular memories get programmed?

* Many cellular memories were programmed before the age of six. It’s the only time in our life that we live in the delta brain wave state which leaves us totally open to programming by what others say or do to us. So when something happens, no matter how innocent it is, it is programmed into us as primary information because of our limited reasoning power at that young age.

Innocent words you hear from parents or teachers before age six–words that you may not consciously remember–can program you for failure at school, at work, in relationships for a lifetime.

* After the age of six, there are memories we consciously remember, like hearing comments: you’re not good enough, not smart enough, not attractive enough, etc. This negative programming can hold us back for a lifetime, unless you clear it.

* There are cellular memories we inherit from our ancestors that we aren’t aware of. Dr. Bruce Lipton from Stanford Medical School reported in Biology of Belief that 95 % of illness is caused by stress. The other 5 % is caused by genetic issues coming from someone in your ancestry that had a disease gene, which was unmasked because of stress. When you relieve stress, your DNA and genetic issues can heal completely.

* There are cellular memories we absorb from people around us. Einstein said we absorb other people’s memories in our unconscious and start sending out their negative fearful signals to our own brain. This is why you need to get away from people who make you feel badly.

* There also are cellular memories we’ve imagined, like killing someone or doing something inappropriate. That imagined memory stays with us and has to be cleared.

How do you clear a negative cellular memory, regardless of how it was programmed?

You can’t get rid of the memory. You simply deactivate the power in that memory.


Dr. Alex Loyd claims you can use the energy in your own fingertips to activate four healing centers in the body which he identified in 2004. He activated a simple mechanism that finds the cellular memories with destructive frequencies and neutralizes that frequency. This turns off your stress switch and gives your body the power to heal.

How do you activate this healing mechanism?

Dr. Loyd recommends you use the system he designed and named The Healing Codes. He used his system to reverse his wife’s serious depression which nearly had destroyed their marriage.

His medical partner, Ben Johnson M.D., used the healing codes to reverse his ALS–Lou Gehrig’s disease–which people rarely survive longer than a year after diagnosis.

Dr. Johnson used the healing codes for six weeks after receiving his diagnosis of ALS, and he became symptom free. He remains symptom free six years later. Because of this healing success, Dr. Ben Johnson resigned from his cancer clinic and traveled the world telling people about the power of the healing codes to access our body’s healing power and reverse disease.

How do you begin using the healing codes?

Start by asking yourself, “What is bothering me more than anything else?”

When you have your answer, you look it up in the healing codes manual of symptoms.

Then several minutes a day, you follow a prescribed sequence of fingertip movements aimed at four healing centers: at the bridge of your nose, at your jaw below your ear lobes, at your temples and in the sides of your throat.

Once that issue is resolved, you choose another issue that is bothering you and follow the prescribed pattern of fingertip movements to rectify it.

I’d like to tell you my personal experience in using the healing codes.

Whenever I aimed my fingertips at the prescribed 4 healing points, I thought of E T, the Extra Terrestrial, who’d send out a beam of white light from his fingertips each time he pointed them.

We’ve got the same energy in our fingertips, even though we can’t see it. I certainly could feel it trigger the flow of energy throughout all four healing points every time I followed the protocol. I actually felt so much energy flowing that I cut down the time I used the healing codes to less than a minute in each fingertip position every day until the issue was resolved.

Are you or someone you love facing tough issues?

Dr. Loyd guarantees that you can revitalize the healing power at your fingertips and clear stress and negative programming when you understand:

1. It’s not your fault, no matter what your issue.
2. The solution is not about trying harder.
3. You can get to where you want to get from wherever you are now–by using the healing codes.

Find out how to try the healing codes before you buy them at http://bit.ly/gfsGnk
Then you have nothing to lose, except your negative programming and stress that’s holding you back from greater health, success and love.

This is yet another success tool that will help you–

Love deeply and live your dreams now,

Hadley Finch

P.S. I am an affiliate partner with Dr. Alex Loyd so that together we can help you rev up your inner power to be all you can be right now. As his affiliate, I will receive a small referral fee when you begin using the healing codes to break through your stress barriers to greater health, success and love. http://bit.ly/gfsGnk

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