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Best FREE Valentine's Day Gift Sustains Romance For 100 Days

It’s almost Valentine’s Day, and you’re still looking for a special gift to give your beloved? It’s Hadley Finch to the romantic rescue. I recommend a priceless gift that doesn’t cost a dime, and your beloved will love it for the next 100 days. Some assembly required… How?

Take out a few sheets of plain paper or stationery and cut them into a hundred strips.
Write one special, endearing thing you love about your beloved partner on each strip of paper.
Place 100 messages of love in a bottle, jar or special container, and close the lid.
Wrap your gift. Write a card that says something like:

How Do I Love You?
I’ll let you count the ways.
Select one message of love each day
See yourself through my eyes for 100 days
Love always,

Sign your name

How do you benefit from creating this Valentine’s gift?

The Secret Law Of Attraction proves that you get more of what you focus on. “Where your attention goes, your affection grows,” I often say to illustrate how to get this universal power working for you instead of against you.

As you focus on all the things you love about your beloved partner, your affection grows. As you give examples of things they say or do that make you love and respect them, you help them feel cherished by you. Some examples:
“I love how you rub my shoulders when I’m feeling tense. Thank you.”
“I love it when you call me to say you miss me. Thank you.”
“I love how you suggest fun date nights to keep things fresh and exciting. Thank you.”
“I love how you always give me a welcome home kiss. Thank you.”
“I love how your laughter makes me laugh at things that used to upset me.”

Want to create a love miracle every day?

Remember to use two magical words not only as you write each daily gift but every day: Thank you.

Expressing your gratitude helps your beloved feel appreciated instead of overlooked. This avoids a common relationship minefield, because feeling unappreciated is a top cause of affairs and breakups.

Sharing feelings of love and gratitude attracts even more love like a love magnet and improves all of your interactions with your partner.

Seeing your partner through loving eyes, like you did when you first met, creates a great love habit called Kindsight, promotes kind-hearted interactions and revives passion, excitement and joy in being together. Can you imagine a greater way to celebrate your love for your beloved partner on Valentine’s Day and for the next 100 days?

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Get the red-hot love life you deserve,

Hadley Finch

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