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Double Your Income Doing What You Love Part 3 – Taking 6 Steps To The Richest, Fullest Life Possible

Thus far in our series, you’ve discovered how to achieve your top goals effortlessly, including goals to double your income, and find love or revive love with your partner.

Now you’ll discover six steps you can take each month to build the life of your dreams in highlights of my radio conversation for A Lasting Love with acclaimed success coach, Raymond Aaron. He’s a co-author of a Chicken Soup For The Soul book, an acclaimed success coach, and NY Times best-selling author of Double Your Income Doing What You Love. Raymond will give you his book for FREE, so continue reading.

HF: Nobody starts the year with a resolution to be narrow and one dimensional. Yet that can happen if you don’t create a holistic vision for your life and relationships. You recommend that we take steps on 6 different paths to build the richest, fullest life possible. What are those 6 paths?

RA: First, it’s true that men and women can become unidimensional when they focus exclusively on overworking or raising children. No matter how lofty your goals, being unidimensional doesn’t work. It doesn’t create a full life.

HF: You give us the antidote in the book that you’re giving our readers as a gift. Tell us.

RA: The antidote is called “MAINLY.” It’s 6 pathways of life. When you write a goal in all six pathways every month like I do, and like all of my clients around the world do, that’s the antidote against becoming unidimensional. And it’s the way to become holistic in your life.

HF: M.A.I.N.L.Y. is your acronym for what six paths?

RA: Here’s a quick explanation of 6 MAINLY goals:

M. is for Messes. You must clean up one mess each month.

A. stands for Acknowledge. If you want your love life to be great, you must acknowledge your girlfriend, your boyfriend or your spouse in a wonderful way at least once a month. I tell my wife daily how wonderful she is.

I. means Increase in Wealth, so this is where you place your financial goal

N. stands for New. The world’s changing so fast that you must do new things to keep up.

L. means Learn. The knowledge base is expanding so keep learning or you’re left behind.

Y. is Yourself. It’s doing something just for yourself that you’ve always wanted to do, and now you do it every month.

When you write your 6 MAINLY goals each month, like I show you in my book which I’m giving you for free, then you move forward holistically on all 6 pathways of life.

HF: I encourage you to set separate MAINLY goals just for your love life, to keep things fresh and exciting. Raymond, I know you’ve observed that the happiest couples develop one important quality. What is it?

Find out in the Part 4 highlights of my radio conversation for A Lasting Love with acclaimed success coach and author, Raymond Aaron. He’s giving you a gift of his best-selling book, Double Your Income Doing What You Love. Claim your FREE book Click here. I know you’ll love using these success secrets to transform your life, work and relationships.

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