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Top Online Dating Sites Model Meetup Success of TribeOfSingles.com Love Matches

Hadley reveals meetup success at iDate 2012

The New York Times recently explained the business incentive behind the sudden race for dating sites to offer real life meet-ups.  The Times didn’t mention that top online dating sites are following the lead of America’s Love Guide, Hadley Finch.

Hadley created the first meetup groups in early 2010 for TribeOfSingles.com dating site members to meet offline in social, sports, theatrical, educational and networking activities that she’d scheduled for them in Chicago and other cities.

How did top dating sites find out about Hadley Finch and TribeOfSingles.com Meetup Success?

Hadley actually told global dating industry professionals her success secrets in January 2012, when she was invited to speak at iDate-Miami. While waiting for her turn to take the stage, Hadley heard top dating site executives express a common complaint:

They’d spend millions of dollars in advertising to attract new members in their dating sites, only to have them unsubscribe after only 1-3 months of membership.

How did Hadley Finch solve the dating site retention problem without spending millions in advertising? How does she inspire savvy singles to join and remain a member in TribeOfSingles Love Matches-Love Vacations until they meet their great love match?

Hadley happily revealed her member retention secrets to top online dating site executives during her live and taped iDate presentation. She admitted that after her happy marriage to a corporate superstar ended tragically, she still believed in great love and set out to find it online. She’d used top dating sites to meet great men on three continents, not without risks and disappointments. She wrote about her adventures in the novel and blog, Tribe Of Blondes.

Hadley said she’d deleted these risks and improved the online dating experience when she created TribeOfSingles.com in 2009 by:

Leading the world’s first guided love quest, like a dating sherpa who handles baggage, helps you choose your best love match and gives you a love toolkit to build a dream relationship;

Creating Meetup Groups for TribeOfSingles to gather offline in special events that she and other members schedule in their hometowns;

Offering love vacations for active singles to meet in travel adventures around the world;

Introducing TribeOfSingles to live video dating chats, where you get to know each other before you decide to get on a plane or go to a local coffee shop to meet in person;

Offering the first ageless search for love in the only dating site where you can’t lie about your age, because you don’t post it. You only post a recent photo, which appears in searches for the age range you desire for your love match;

Recommending background checks, sexual health checks and checking out potential matches’ social media profiles before you enter a serious relationship;

Sharing expert love advice from her radio show, A Lasting Love, from her new book, 911 Breakup Survival, and from hundreds of her articles in her videos, audios, and emails to members.

Hadley has offered these innovative services since she launched TribeOfSingles.com in September 2009. It became news for the online dating industry when she revealed these strategies during iDate Miami in January 2012.

Is she concerned that top online dating sites will model even more of her TribeOfSingles.com success strategies?

Hadley’s goal is to help all dating singles in the world find their great love match, and she can’t do this alone. She’d like to license her guided love quest to top dating sites to provide expert advice and exciting love skills that help singles break through hidden barriers to love, choose a great love match and reach the peak of pleasure and passion in a loving relationship.

What’s new for TribeOfSingles.com Love Matches in 2013?

Hadley hosts Happy Hour LoveCasts with Dating Q/A. This spring, she gives members her new 20-part video program:

Love Success Happiness Guaranteed: How 7 Power Laws and Passion Make Your Dreams Come True

Dating to find love? Hadley Finch gives you a gift of the #1 guided love quest, sharing expert advice and exciting love skills to help you choose your great love match and get the passionate intimacy, romantic fun,and undying devotion you deserve in a relationship. Claim your gift membership now, while this offer lasts. Sign up at TribeOfSingles.com Enter gift coupon code: tribelifetime09 Meet our community of accomplished singles seeking a great love match now.

Get all the love and happiness you deserve,

Hadley Finch

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