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TV You'll Love – HBO's THE NEWSROOM – Review

Think smart is sexy? Turn on your heart and mind as you enjoy each episode of HBO’s THE NEWSROOM

Aaron Sorkin’s riveting new drama reveals how the media can reclaim its intellectual reputation and become a force for positive change.

Sam Waterston is News Director of ACN cable news, and he wants to return news to the glory days of television when anchors Walter Chronkite and Edward R. Murrow not only informed the public but also shaped the outcome of issues. He hires the perfect news team to make that happen

Jeff Daniels plays a popular, but middle of the road cable News Anchor, who gets inspired by his new Executive Producer (Emily Mortimer) to use his prosecutor’s mind to ask tough questions, challenge nonsensical answers, and risk offending corporate sponsors and power brokers of various causes to uncover and present the unvarnished truth. The anchor and his executive producer reunite for this news gig three years after their romance ended in her betrayal with an old boyfriend. Sounds like a cliche until you discover she spent three years dodging bullets while covering news at the front of America’s recent wars. The broken romance between these two complex, powerful and talented news people inspires each of them to greatness while adding salt to their unresolved emotional wounds.

That’s not the only intriguing office romance. The young producers have no life outside of the newsroom, since they work most of their waking hours. So they often date fellow producers, which works great until a relationship hits the rocks, or a new producer falls for someone who’s already involved with a producer of a different show.

The cable network owner is played by Jane Fonda, who lived with CNN’s Ted Turner for 10 years so she knows that world. It’s chilling to watch her threaten to fire their top anchor if he doesn’t stop challenging the Congress because she has business before them.

These scenarios transcend soap opera and reveal the politics behind which stories make the news and how they’re reported, thanks to the brilliant writing of Aaron Sorkin and his creative team.

You’ll be captivated and challenged by the issues explored and the relationships developed in each episode of THE NEWSROOM.

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P.P.S. The photos are screen capture shots from THE NEWSROOM.

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  1. Thank you for writing this. I am glad I am not the only one who is enjoying the show.

    • News Anchor Will McAvoy is a modern day Don Quixote who reveals brilliant solutions to tough problems. Bravo Aaron Sorkin for boldly sharing your brilliant vision for a greater America.

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